Saturday, November 21, 2015


Look who came to the village today

Father Christmas had his elves and some of his reindeer too.

After they had paraded up the road Santa got out of his sleigh and went inside to his grotto to wait for all the children to visit him.  The reindeer were allowed to rest and have a good feed so I had chance to get some photos of them.

Can you see his antler growing?  He was so cute.

It was lovely to see them today and this post is for my Grandchildren :-)
Santa will be on his way to see you guys soon!

Terri X

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Busy Making

I am feeling quite excited as my BF and I have been asked to have a stall at a local village craft fair!
One of the organisers saw our bags and cushions we had made and displayed in my friends B&B and suggested we do it.

I was panicking at first that we do not have enough stock to sell but I've been lucky enough to have been given various sizes of drawstring bags that we have decorated as gift bags.  I think these will help fill the gap and because they were gifted to me, it means we can sell them cheaply.

A bit of applique and hand sewing going on

I decided that I would do a few Christmas ones but I think it's better to do various ones which can be used for any occasion.

I am going to do a few more with vintage materials and trimmings.  I have also made another drawstring bag

I have a few more Scotty dog brooches to finish off,  six aprons have been embroidered with Baking Days on the fronts and we have six golf towels to embroider.  We also have a few red cotton bags to decorate

Playing with autumnal colours and it looks quite effective on the bag.

Alongside the cushions, handbags, tweed and vintage bunting and the odd items like pincushions and makeup bag,  I think we will have enough stock.

The other thing I am thinking about is how best to display items.  I think my heart's look pretty good on the wire rack (as above)  and can be propped up somewhere.  I have a wicker hamper and baskets I can use too.  If I'd have had more time I could have prepared better but hey ho,  this is an experiment and if it goes well we can plan to do another sometime.

Terri X

Lots of Crochet Going On

Here's my lovely Alex sitting on the blanket I have just finished. I laid it out on my bed to try and take a few decent photos of it and he was on it in a flash!  
I have been crocheting along with lots of others in the Spice of Life group set up by Sandra over at Cherry Heart blog and I have been learning lots of new stitches as i go.

This is going to be a Christmas pressie for my sis-in-law, I'm sure she won't mind a few cat hairs on it!

I love the colourfulness of this blanket. I used lots of dk wool from my stash for this project and as I still have more leftover, I have started another blanket, a bit smaller than this one, just for me!

It's going to be a perfect lap blanket size.

I picked this book from the village library this week 

Just loving the cushion on the leather chair!  It has some lovely projects inside like this easy stool cover

I just need to find a stool to make this!
Then look at this hat and collar

Isn't it lovely.

I love this cushion too.  So many projects to inspire me over the winter months and with so much colour to chase away any winter blues.

Terri X