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I Like a Sparkler

Not of the boozy or jewelry kind, although I could become partial to either but of the fireworks kind :-)  OH took this photo of me waving one about.  Doing that reminds me of my childhood.
We had a family get together this weekend, an early bonfire night celebration.  My nephew had brought lots of fireworks and he spent days setting them up to create a good display in their garden.  They luckily are surrounded by fields with only one close neighbour who was aware beforehand that there would be fireworks. I am not a huge fan of the noisy bangers but love the colours of the fireworks against the night sky.  I didn't take many photos just got this one below Although the weather was a bit damp the fire blazed and I could feel the warmth from it and my feet were cosy enough in socks and my fur lined boots.
This is OH by the fire. My nephew had cleverly thought to put up a tent with chairs and table inside and we had jacket potatoes with barbecued meat.  I made the coleslaw as my contribut…

Time to have a Change Round

When the seasons change I often feel like changing the furniture round to make the room more cosy.

We tested the fire out a couple of evenings ago to check all was well before winter really sets in.  As I was sitting looking at the fire I kept thinking about a dressing table top that I have stored in the cupboard since we moved in.  Would it fit over the mantle if I could dig it out. It did and I really like it.  That led to moving around all my bits and pieces to make a display.

I like these little observer books and one of my knitted cottages looks cute on top.
The D was made by me as a present tag last Christmas for OH.  The money tree is in a pot made by Tain pottery and the oil burner was from Cromarty pottery. My old glass bottles are always on my mantle along with a T for me gift tag and my Mr Fox which was a present from my daughter.   I've tried not to cram too many bits on it but one thing leads to another so I had to have a little shift round of bits on my shelving.

I'm ha…

Blowing Away the Cobwebs

A sunny but cold start to the day.  The car said the temperature was 2.5 degrees but a little walk on the beach was in order after an early Halloween party the night before :-) Lovely sunshine creating shadows on the sand, I don't look as creepy as the night before No!  That wasn't me!  I didn't look that bad...or did I?

Terri X

On the Pictish Trail

OH had a job last week in a little village on the East Coast.  He thought that I would like to see where he was working so we took a detour from our normal shopping route.
Lovely views heading down towards the sea. I parked at the side of the road when we passed this little gateway.  The marigolds looked so cheerful and we walked through the gate
We followed this cobbled path and I just had to take a photo of it because I like the texture and colours, all the little blobs of yellow on the stones surrounded by the mossy green.  We headed towards the monument encased in glass to protect it.
Its a strange sight out in the middle of the fields.
The Shandwick Stone information board. The rear view of the stone is a bit more worn
We headed back to the car and decided it was time to go for a coffee somewhere.  If you are like me and browse through various house design books, the name Anta will be familar as they make lovely tartan tweed materials into rugs, cushions, curtains and furniture.  They a…

A Lovely Sunday to Go Kajaking

What a lovely day I have had today.  The sun pierced through the mist quite early on and I had arranged to go to a different church this morning in a nearby village as they were doing a Harvest Festival service.  I haven't been to one of these since I was a child and I remember there was always a loaf of bread shaped like a sheaf of wheat.  
This time we took along tins and packets of food to donate to a local food bank,  a good idea I thought.  I so enjoyed singing the traditional hymns like "we plough the fields and scatter" and  " all things bright and beautiful".  The vicar made a point of coming up to me afterwards to say he loved my hair!  He actually said that i was like a bright beacon of light in a sea of miserable faces!!  After racing home to change, OH and I arranged to meet a group of friends and go out on the river to try kayaking for the first time.
Me about to get in the boat.
I was in the front of a two man kayak.  My friend is very experienced s…

Knit, Natter & Art

Thats been my whole week mostly, knitting and nattering :-) Monday I was working till mid afternoon and when I got home, I prepared dinner , taking a tip from Frugal Queen's blog and adding grated courgette and carrot to a packet of falafel mix. It padded a little mixture out to make good sized portions too.  Along with wholemeal wraps, refried beans and salad with a dressing made from natural yoghurt and mint sauce, this made a pretty tasty meal for Son and me. OH is the only meat eater now so I tend to make him dishes that I can serve him two days running and that saves me time.  After getting the washing in I sat down and started knitting till OH got home from work, carrying on well into the evening.
The start of my Christmas makes for the craft fairs.Tuesday, I needed a few Birthday cards for this month so I sat in my craft room for a few hours, in between running downstairs whenever the washing machine finished to get it all on the line. I've been washing everything I can …