On the Pictish Trail

OH had a job last week in a little village on the East Coast.  He thought that I would like to see where he was working so we took a detour from our normal shopping route.

Lovely views heading down towards the sea.
I parked at the side of the road when we passed this little gateway.  The marigolds looked so cheerful and we walked through the gate

We followed this cobbled path and I just had to take a photo of it because I like the texture and colours, all the little blobs of yellow on the stones surrounded by the mossy green.  We headed towards the monument encased in glass to protect it.

Its a strange sight out in the middle of the fields.

The Shandwick Stone information board.
The rear view of the stone is a bit more worn

We headed back to the car and decided it was time to go for a coffee somewhere.  If you are like me and browse through various house design books, the name Anta will be familar as they make lovely tartan tweed materials into rugs, cushions, curtains and furniture.  They also do pottery and bags.
Its very expensive, for example the square cube pouffe is over £300

The lighting in there wasn't the best for taking photos, makes it harder to see the
price tags!

They do have a lovely cafe too with homemade cakes and its served up on their pottery which feels special.  Nice place to look round and browse but my purse stayed firmly closed!

Terri X


  1. What an amazing monument, I have never seen one encased in glass before outside a museum.

  2. Great Blog Terri, the Picts have such a wonderful and interesting history in the Scottish Highland. That place you went for coffee looks amazing. Woo xx


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