Small and Cheap Changes to my Room

The light is not greatest this week for taking photos but I am excited to show you my new side table.  
My nephew had this suitcase in his bedroom and I had my eye on it for ages. I swopped a  wicker hamper for it as he only needed it as a bit of storage space.  The case is lined with plywood inside so is quite sturdy.  The legs came from my sis-in-laws house and they had a wooden top which I removed.  Perfect for the case and making it a freebie side table too.
I put up my winter curtains that I found in a charity shop.  At the time I didn't know what I was going to do with them but just loved the retro pattern and colours and they are perfect in my green room. They also happen to be the perfect size and length for the window so I sent for curtain hooks and rings for the pole from ebay, cost less than £5.

I reframed this stag print which was given to me.  It was origionally mounted against a light background and a pine frame which had lost its glass but I had this frame and mount stashed away upstairs and it looks much better now.  The print was done by a local artist.

I stripped the red spotted cover off my pouffe and the brown colour blends in much better in the room.  It also gets Bonnies approval too as its become one of her favourite places to sit now.

My last little purchase was this cushion and at £4.99 it was a good buy.  I am very pleased with my low cost small changes to cosy my room.

Terri X


  1. It all looks beautiful, giving it an uplift and making it looks so warm and welcoming. I intend to make a few changes ready for the inter next week.


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