The fridge is nearly bare!

I've been cooking this morning and now my fridge looks like this

I have half a tub of stork, 1 oz of cheese left in the Tupperware, 2 tubs margarine, half a pack of streaky bacon, half a butternut squash and 5 carrots left.

I started out this morning with 1 green pepper, 1 courgette, 2 sticks of celery, half an onion, carrots, butternut squash and the last of the frozen sweetcorn and peas.  I have made soup for lunch by adding a tin of tomatoes and some dried soup mix with veg stock

I also found some turkey leg meat  at the bottom of the freezer and a packet of chicken and leek bake mix that I made up with some milk. I had a few frozen breadcrumbs in there too so using up the last of the parmesan cheese I had,  added this to some of  the veg from the list above and my OH now will have this for his dinner tonight

The green bits are chopped parsley I picked from a tub in the garden.

I have enough of the chopped veg left to make up a rice dish for me and will use up the last ounce of cheese grated on the top.

Makes me feel good that I have made three meals out of a few leftover bits and pieces.  I do need to do a Lidl shop when I can but will have to wait and see how much the car repair is going to cost first as the car is an essential.  Its at times when we have an unexpected expense that I miss not having a credit card to fall back on as I always worry we won't have enough to cover the cost.  I do keep trying to put a bit aside in an emergency fund but our incomes fluctuate so that makes it difficult and every time I get some put by it seems something happens and I have to use it!

I am also trying out an old breadmaker to see if it still works. It was given to me by a friend who had brought a new machine after trying to repair the old one.  I gave up on it a while ago and started making sourdough bread by hand as the bread would look like it was doing great until the last hour and then it would sink in the centre.  After about 3 loaves like this I just put it into the bottom of a cupboard and left it there.  I will see what happens with this loaf in about 22 mins!  I couldn't find my machines recipe book so had a look on the internet (which is still playing up so took a while) at a few granary loaf recipes and went roughly by them.  Fingers crossed it will work!

The weather here today is heavy rain but it feels quite warm outside, in fact warmer than inside the cottage.  I have had to do two loads of washing and dry it in the tumble drier because we were out of towels and the forecast for tomorrow looks the same as today. After our company left at the weekend I still need to wash the bedding but will wait until later in the week to try and get it on the line. My OH will need his work clothes doing as he is out in the pouring rain trying to attach some barn doors he has made for a crofter.  He will need some soup to warm him through as he's getting drenched.

Anyway while I've been waffling on the bread is done and success!! 

I'm off to make another loaf now while I'm on a roll! (get it!?!)

Terri X


  1. Brilliant, at least you used up most of your surplus food by cooking up meals ready to eat. I think most of us probably waste too much food, I always seem pushed for time but should really take time and make the effort to use everything up even if it is slightly past its best. P.S. the bread looks really good!

  2. Hi Anne
    I do try to use up everything as I hate throwing food away because its money in the bin but my concoctions are not always appreciated by my OH!
    Oh and my second loaf sank again although it was made the same as the first! Still tastes nice though. Thanks for taking the time to comment.

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