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Brightening Up My Room

Its was very cold yesterday, the temperature dropped overnight to -8 and the frost didn't lift much all day but the sunshine was brilliant
I opened the lounge window to let some fresh air through but the state of the glass was filthy.  I know its not the best time to clean them because you see all the smears in the sunlight but with OH helping it made an enormous difference. Because we are high up he first had to put a hook into the wall to attach the ladder to stablize it.  He did the outsides while i did inside and because he could give it more elbow grease than me, we were relatively smear free.
I had a good polish and hoover round and that led to moving my bits and pieces around. A bunch of daffs and tulips are a lovely cheap way to brighten the mantle.  The jug is years old but i love it as its so colourful.
I was so excited when i found these Russian dolls in a charity shop on Friday. I was only charged £1 for them!! 
My little cottage is holding my secret stash of creme eggs!
OH du…

Since i've been Home

Its been a chilly couple of days with snow showers on and off.  Since I've come back from my trip south I  have really felt the difference in temperatures and i had to wear 3 jumpers yesterday to keep warm!  We are running low on coal and wood so i ordered two sacks of coal to be delivered but cannot get hold of our usual wood supplier.  I will give it one more day and if not will have to get some elsewhere.  This will be our third delivery this winter but the stove with a back boiler just seems to gobble fuel. On Monday I went to one of my craft clubs and finished off my little knitted croft house.  I think its really cute. Here's a photo of the rear.
I have already started another with different colours.  I think i will be making quite a few.
After finding out that Mother's Day is on the 6th March i set about making a couple of cards and had to make a Get Well and a couple for upcoming Birthdays.
I recycle any cards we are sent and only buy card blanks and a few stickers whe…

My Early Valentine's Present

This lovely dish is my Valentine's present, thanks OH.  It is Tain Pottery and i have been collecting items in this design, which is called Fearn, for a while.  The pottery is all handpainted and i love the bumble bees and flowers.  It is also oven, freezer and dishwasher proof.  I think this size is perfect for a crumble.
I have 6 dinner plates, 3 side plates and 6 bowls and I don't believe in keeping them for best so I use them every day. 
I have decided to mix in a few of their tartan designs and you can see i have started with a couple of bowls.  You can also see the yellow minion plates which i use when the Grandkids come just peeping in the background.
I accidentally picked up these in their Buchanan design!  I have to admit that i only ever buy their seconds as half the time i can't see much difference with them and the firsts and of course it means i get them cheaper.
The darker green/blue tartan design is called Forbes and i took my bowl from the firsts pile and asked…

Self Care

After being ill this January and another Birthday passing,  I made a decision to take time to practise a little self love and care.  It is hard sometimes to be selfish but if i dont take the time to look after my own wellbeing, how can i be there to help my loved ones. 
The last few years i have felt depressed, there have been tough times financially and emotionally alongside going through the menopause.  I think i got hit hard with a virus as i got too low, i felt worn out and tired when i got up in the mornings and dragged myself through the days.  My body aches and pains even resting in bed and I just wanted to wake up with some energy.
Last week a conversation with someone reminded me why i wanted to be where i am.  I had forgotten over the last few years and although i haven't achieved exactly what i wanted, this chat rejuvenated me.

I have started to eat healthily again and lose some weight, 9lbs off already.  I am cooking up new recipes as its so easy just to stick to the sam…

In my Craft Room

It's been a while since i've been in my craft room as i lost my crafting mojo after having a virus since Christmas.  I am at last feeling back to normal and wanting to start again so whilst OH went out for a walk, I took the opportunity to make him a valentines card.  I am flying south on the actual day to spend the half-term with the Grandkids so we can celebrate the day before I go.  Even though we have been married 35 years this March we still mark the day, not with lavish presents (although he can buy me something if he likes!)  but usually having a nice meal and a card and just spending the day together.
 I have a lot of hessian so i decided to paint it but i'm no artist so had to keep it simple.  This has sparked further ideas for making a few cards
I have lots of odd bits of vintage embroidery i could use and once sewn on i plan to hand sew a few words.
I am also knitting this lovely little croft cottage.  The pattern is out of the current Landscape magazine.  Its base…