Since i've been Home

Its been a chilly couple of days with snow showers on and off.  Since I've come back from my trip south I  have really felt the difference in temperatures and i had to wear 3 jumpers yesterday to keep warm!  We are running low on coal and wood so i ordered two sacks of coal to be delivered but cannot get hold of our usual wood supplier.  I will give it one more day and if not will have to get some elsewhere.  This will be our third delivery this winter but the stove with a back boiler just seems to gobble fuel.

On Monday I went to one of my craft clubs and finished off my little knitted croft house.  I think its really cute. Here's a photo of the rear.

I have already started another with different colours.  I think i will be making quite a few.

After finding out that Mother's Day is on the 6th March i set about making a couple of cards and had to make a Get Well and a couple for upcoming Birthdays.

I recycle any cards we are sent and only buy card blanks and a few stickers when i see them for sale cheaply.  I was given a card making magazine with a load of backing papers inside for my Birthday a couple of years ago so that was a good long lasting pressie.

I made some SW scones to have with soup for lunch.  These are made with a packet of instant potato, a tub of cottage cheese and 3 eggs.  

The soup is Jack Monroes carrot, cumin and kidney bean.  It tasted better than it looked and i spread marmite on the scones.  It was a very filling lunch.

A heating engineer appeared on the doorstep to check on our heating system as it was only put in the house in the summer.  He found that a duel programmer had been connected when it should have been a single one so he changed it.  OH got home before me and the first thing he said to me was "am I going nutty?  I've been pressing the buttons on the programmer but one's disappeared, there's only a lump there!"  I couldn't stop laughing as he didn't know it had been changed as we hadn't expected a visit.

I hope we don't get too much snow overnight as i need to get up the hill in the morning to get to work.  I didn't make it today.

Terri X


  1. Someone would be so lucky to receive one of those lovely houses. Might try the soup. Woo xx


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