Wednesday, February 26, 2014

A Whirlwind Day

This morning I went to the second class of Patterns - make to sell at the learning centre.  Today we had to design a logo by taking a photo and going onto Photoshop to learn how to adapt it and create words to go with it.  I didn't find it easy but it was enjoyable.  I am not sure whether I would be able to do it again but I will try at home on OH's computer because he has a similar programme.

Talking of computers, I have lost Saturdays blog post, Rainbows Everywhere and I have tried everything I can but it seems to have disappeared and the post I wrote yesterday has gone in as written on Saturday!  Shame though because the two comments that relate to that post are still there.

After the class, I headed home to put the washing out on the line.  It was so windy I had to double peg everything and my wash basket blew away three times whilst I was reaching up to try and grab the line.  I very rarely have to do any ironing as the wind blows all the creases out! I hoped the clothes would still be there when I returned from helping my sis-in-law load the car with bags of stuff she has been clearing out and we took it all to a different charity shop than the one I was complaining about in Saturdays lost blog post.  We resisted the urge to have a look round but as its a 50 mile round trip, we treated ourselves to a coffee and delicious piece of cake (coffee and walnuts my fave) at the Coffee Bothy before heading back.  From where we sat I could see the sea which looked very grey and choppy today.

I had approx an hour at home before having to go out again down to the village to get my hair cut.  I checked the washing line but there were a few gaps where clothing should have been!  A few items had blown off but were easily rescued and at least they were dry.  I didn't bother putting any more washing out as it was getting colder so will get it done tomorrow instead.

Hair cut done, i only have a dry cut as its the cheapest.  I've been wearing scarfs round my head as i was way overdue for a cut.  I had chance to chat on the phone whilst dinner was cooking, thank goodness I made it yesterday, before popping out again to pick up my nephew from the train station.  I thought I might finally settle down and watch a bit of t.v. after writing this blog post but we now have a power cut!  Might as well have an early night then.

Terri X

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Prettiness on the ash heap

I went outside to empty the ash bucket today as its been too windy over the last few days to do it (ash blowback!) and look what I found growing on the heap

Amazing they've grown through the pile of ash but such a shame they are not growing in the garden where i could see them better.  I had to take these pics through the fence.  

I also noticed that the flowering currant bush which is also behind the fence, is now in bud

It is lovely to see signs of spring at last.

I spent the morning cooking, starting off by making two lots of pastry.  I was intending to make a quiche but changed my mind and ended up making homity pie again as my OH likes it so much.  We had a frozen chicken for Sunday dinner  so i picked the meat off and then made stock with the carcass which ended up as a broth when i added dried soup mix and various odds and ends of vegetables along with a second picking of little bits of chicken meat off the bones.

The meat from the first picking will be used for a rissotto.  There was also one lone piece of cooking bacon in the fridge so i boiled it till tender, chopped cooked potatoes, fried sliced red onion and added the last third of philadelphia cheese and mixed it all together to make some pasties

There were five pasties to start with but OH pinched two for a late lunch when he got home.  We decided to have some of the broth for tea and the homity pie can be tomorrows dinner.  I feel quite a sense of satisfaction that i have made a £4 chicken feed 3 dinners and 1 lunch (leftover broth) and a piece of cooking bacon i estimate cost 55p made five pasties.  Frugal and filling meals.

Terri X

Tuesday, February 18, 2014


I had a very interesting morning as I decided to attend a free workshop at the village learning centre.

It was organized by a lovely Spanish lady from Madrid who has moved to a nearby small village in the Highlands 18 months ago.  She used to be a graphic designer working on a spanish magazine, said she had to take photos of celebs and touch up the pics by smoothing out their wrinkles and getting rid of double chins etc.  Such a change of life to end up in a small scottish village but it came about because she fell in love with a scotsman.   

So we are going out and about taking our own photos to use and also incorporating the creative skills from other classes i.e. the poetry class and the sewing class to make postcards and a calendar that will appeal to tourists and locals.  Hopefully any profits will go back into the village for further projects.

I look forward to doing this project as we had a good laugh whilst brainstorming ideas but i am also interested in learning how to do this so that i could perhaps do something myself with my pictures that might generate a bit of income.  I will have to wait and see how it turns out but i am looking forward to the next session.

Terri X

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Sunday Ramblings

A smattering of snow this morning when OH pulled the curtains back

But brrr... It was so cold I could see my breath in the bedroom.  The cats joined me on the bed and I could easily have just stayed snuggled up in bed but I had to get up to get things ready before going to church.

I managed to get a yellow sticker markdown on a little loin joint of pork in the week, in fact all their pork was reduced so I picked up a pack of chops too and divided them into two further dinners in the freezer.  Today we are having the joint and I've roasted it on top of some onion, celery and carrots, sprinkled a few dried herbs and some garlic and drizzled whole thing with olive oil.  Looks quite tasty and smells lovely in the kitchen.

I will put the potatoes in to roast when I get home but I have par-boiled them ready and will do some veg, cabbage and French beans I think and a couple of Yorkshire puds each.  We don't really do puddings as I'm trying to lose some weight at the mo.

Yesterday I amused myself by making a crochet cover for an empty beetroot jar I had.  It is a nice size for putting flowers in
Pic is of the empty jar as I couldn't find anything to go in it as yet.  Maybe I will store my crochet hooks in it instead.
I have quite a few oddments of wool so doing things like this just uses up some of my stash.

I am back from church, I've been out three hours because I've been chatting to a few people, still fellowship is what it's all about.  My BF gave me a little homemade pressie of some coconut sweets.  She said I was to keep them in the fridge and have one a day.

Have you spotted the wrappers!!  They taste just like bounty bars and I don't think they are going to make it to the fridge!  

I also received a belated Birthday pressie this week.  I love this little pink etched glass bottle with its bird stopper.

Well it's 3.45pm now and the sun is now shining. 

My cats have both positioned themselves where they can feel the rays, inside of course as its still chilly.

Terri X

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Bargain hunting

We woke this morning to icy cold weather but the sun was shining.  We both didn't have any work today but OH needed to buy some wood to do a job so as we try to save on fuel by doing various things in the one journey, I decided to go with him and do a small shop in Lidl.
Pretty uneventful really although I did get a good buy on a big bottle of balsamic vinegar for 99p and brought two jars of their decaf coffee at £1.69 a jar as I have read on someone's blog that coffee will be going up in price due to crops being destroyed by bad weather.
Talking of coffee, my friend gave me this lovely candle the other day and I keep sniffing it!

We decided to drive a different way home but detour a bit further north up the A9 (for those that don't know, its the only main road through the north of Scotland) and pop in a cafe and it gave
me the chance to go into the charity shop whilst there.  This shop is for Alzheimer's and is one of the few cheap charity shops left!

I picked up this lovely picture for £1 and plan to put it up in my bedroom 

I found this book for my 7 year old Grand-daughter as she had to give her school library copy back even though she had only got half way through reading it and she was not allowed to take it out again.  I know she will be happy to be able to finish reading it now

This little bird canvas was only 50p and looks lovely on the wall with the rest of my birdie display.  I couldn't remember if I had read this book or not as I have read most of this authors at one time or another but decided to buy it as it was only 50p.  

Look at this lovely scarf, its so colourful that i just couldn't resist it and although i am trying not to buy any more wool, as i want to use up some of my stash, this wool is called Christmas pudding and robin red breast and at 50p I just had to buy it!
My total spend - £4 and I am very happy with my bargain finds.

We were home by 2pm and the first thing we did was light the fire as the cottage was freezing!  The wind and rain started for us but compared to further south we have been getting off lightly as the snow gates were shut on parts of the A9 and traffic stranded.  More blizzards due overnight. My son was due to drive up here tomorrow but I've told him he shouldn't try to travel in these conditions.

Terri X

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Bits and Bobs during my Week

I was trying to think what I have been up to this week but it has been a relatively quiet one apart from work.
I did a bit of card making and was quite pleased with this one I made for my stepmums Birthday this month

We did take a trip out on Friday to go to Morrisons  as we had been invited to go to a friends Saturday night and I needed to take a pudding.  I was going to cheat and buy something to save me cooking and needed to cater for nine people but when I looked I couldn't find anything so ended up buying the ingredients for my usual standby pudding, cheesecake.

It's very rich and creamy and usually serves 10 - 12 people.  
I served it with some fresh raspberries

This little lot was two packs!  And they cost £3 which I thought was a lot but they did taste good with it.
Unfortunately my sis-in-law went down with the virus that's been going around so last minute I had to make another dish that the kids would like so I made a macaroni cheese too.

Luckily there was some leftovers so OH sneakily demolished the last bit of cheesecake whilst I was out at church this morning and I have mac cheese to eat for dinner today.
I also went to the charity shop whilst in the area and picked up a new Jamie Oliver cookbook and two candy stripe pillowcases.

Now I'm indoors for the afternoon in front of the fire as its damp and drizzly outside.  
I have been thinking of all those poor people who have been flooded down south, terrible to see all the damage on the news.

On the mantle I have a new item in my bird collection

I got this little bottle in a sale for £2.49 and I love the glass bird stopper so couldn't resist picking it up.

We are back to an open fire in the lounge now because of the state of the chimney.   
The lining has all collapsed and OH was worried that the chimney could collapse as the stove is so hot its drying out the brickwork.  We rent the cottage at a low rent but we are reluctant to pay out for a new liner at the moment as its pretty costly and we have already replaced the chimney pot ourselves.  The LL do not seem to want to do any maintenance at all. We do paint the external walls and windows most years as the wood frames are rotting and replace roof tiles as needed.  OH also rebuilt the gable end as it was collapsing and we have done a little bit of redecorating inside and have been given permission to do what we want but at the end of the day it's not our property.  Decisions need to be made over the course of the year I think but until then I am just going to chill and watch a movie I have borrowed 

Lastly just wanted to say hello to a couple of new followers of my blog and thank you for being interested and leaving me a few comments.

Terri X

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Back to normal!

Hurray!  I am feeling so much better now.  It is good to wake up in the morning and actually feel I have some energy and enthusiasm for the day ahead.
Do you remember this chest of drawers that my OH painted for me? Well more on that in a minute...

On Monday I went to spend the day with a good friend that i haven't seen for a few months.  I drove to her house which overlooks Loch Fleet and stopped in a lay-by to watch the seals for a while.  Unfortunately I didn't take a camera to take pictures.  We decided to take her husbands car and drive to the shops and she promised to treat me to lunch as a belated Birthday treat.  We had a good browse around Dunelm and I brought two new pillows for our bed and we then spent an hour browsing in Hobbycraft.  It was great, they have so many products I could have gone mad and spent a fortune but I do have to be a bit careful of the budget so I got a few items that I knew I would use.  I brought a tub of Pva glue, a pack of papers 

I'm afraid the pics are a bit dark as I've taken them this evening.  I also brought 

These will be so useful for card making and the sets were such a good price, £5 for the alphabet and £3 for the numbers. I had been looking for these on Ebay for a while but they were more expensive.
I also brought a tube of emerald green acrylic paint as I have in mind to paint a shelf and a fabric marker pen.  I was really pleased with my purchases and I spent yesterday afternoon and evening transforming the drawer unit.

I just love it now!  
I have loads of the papers left, some of which will be used for card making but I am looking around the house for other items to decoupage.  
I have also started knitting up the little bird pattern that I showed on a previous blog post.  So good to get my crafting mojo back.

We have also been lucky to see the sunshine, contrary to the weather reports and I got my load of washing out on the line this morning, first time this year.  I gathered it in when I got in from work but it was still a little damp so just tumble dried it to finish off.  Felt good to peg it out though.  OH has had work on both sunny days this week too so he is a lot happier as he hasn't had anything since Christmas.  Hopefully a few more jobs will come in now.  I did a throw together tea tonight, fish, oven chips and peas for him and I defrosted a veg stew portion and something veg wise I hadn't labelled!  I just sprinkled some chilli powder over it and reheated it in the microwave for me. With the addition of a few more peas and an ounce of grated cheese it was quite nice and I have enough leftover to have tomorrow.
Well that's all for now as I'm going to make us a cup of tea before the new series of  George Gently starts on t.v.  I do like Martin Shaw ever since his Professionals days.

Terri X