Prettiness on the ash heap

I went outside to empty the ash bucket today as its been too windy over the last few days to do it (ash blowback!) and look what I found growing on the heap

Amazing they've grown through the pile of ash but such a shame they are not growing in the garden where i could see them better.  I had to take these pics through the fence.  

I also noticed that the flowering currant bush which is also behind the fence, is now in bud

It is lovely to see signs of spring at last.

I spent the morning cooking, starting off by making two lots of pastry.  I was intending to make a quiche but changed my mind and ended up making homity pie again as my OH likes it so much.  We had a frozen chicken for Sunday dinner  so i picked the meat off and then made stock with the carcass which ended up as a broth when i added dried soup mix and various odds and ends of vegetables along with a second picking of little bits of chicken meat off the bones.

The meat from the first picking will be used for a rissotto.  There was also one lone piece of cooking bacon in the fridge so i boiled it till tender, chopped cooked potatoes, fried sliced red onion and added the last third of philadelphia cheese and mixed it all together to make some pasties

There were five pasties to start with but OH pinched two for a late lunch when he got home.  We decided to have some of the broth for tea and the homity pie can be tomorrows dinner.  I feel quite a sense of satisfaction that i have made a £4 chicken feed 3 dinners and 1 lunch (leftover broth) and a piece of cooking bacon i estimate cost 55p made five pasties.  Frugal and filling meals.

Terri X


  1. Don't get me started on Charity shop pricing. It's ridiculous. Like you say, isn't it better for them to get items sold

  2. Thank you for my lovely crocheted covered jar, just perfect. Woo xx

  3. I've just discovered your blog and love reading about your Highland life. Your tagline made me laugh! Thought I'd leave a comment on this post as your thrifty cooking is something that I practise too. My pasties don't last long either!! If there are any in the fridge, we declare it a picnic day and take them, with a flask of tea, somewhere out and about for a bit of a trip - whatever the weather! Then we save some more as takeaway teas and pasties are so expensive - I reckon mine taste better too!! Glad to have found you - enjoy the first day of Spring.


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