Back to normal!

Hurray!  I am feeling so much better now.  It is good to wake up in the morning and actually feel I have some energy and enthusiasm for the day ahead.
Do you remember this chest of drawers that my OH painted for me? Well more on that in a minute...

On Monday I went to spend the day with a good friend that i haven't seen for a few months.  I drove to her house which overlooks Loch Fleet and stopped in a lay-by to watch the seals for a while.  Unfortunately I didn't take a camera to take pictures.  We decided to take her husbands car and drive to the shops and she promised to treat me to lunch as a belated Birthday treat.  We had a good browse around Dunelm and I brought two new pillows for our bed and we then spent an hour browsing in Hobbycraft.  It was great, they have so many products I could have gone mad and spent a fortune but I do have to be a bit careful of the budget so I got a few items that I knew I would use.  I brought a tub of Pva glue, a pack of papers 

I'm afraid the pics are a bit dark as I've taken them this evening.  I also brought 

These will be so useful for card making and the sets were such a good price, £5 for the alphabet and £3 for the numbers. I had been looking for these on Ebay for a while but they were more expensive.
I also brought a tube of emerald green acrylic paint as I have in mind to paint a shelf and a fabric marker pen.  I was really pleased with my purchases and I spent yesterday afternoon and evening transforming the drawer unit.

I just love it now!  
I have loads of the papers left, some of which will be used for card making but I am looking around the house for other items to decoupage.  
I have also started knitting up the little bird pattern that I showed on a previous blog post.  So good to get my crafting mojo back.

We have also been lucky to see the sunshine, contrary to the weather reports and I got my load of washing out on the line this morning, first time this year.  I gathered it in when I got in from work but it was still a little damp so just tumble dried it to finish off.  Felt good to peg it out though.  OH has had work on both sunny days this week too so he is a lot happier as he hasn't had anything since Christmas.  Hopefully a few more jobs will come in now.  I did a throw together tea tonight, fish, oven chips and peas for him and I defrosted a veg stew portion and something veg wise I hadn't labelled!  I just sprinkled some chilli powder over it and reheated it in the microwave for me. With the addition of a few more peas and an ounce of grated cheese it was quite nice and I have enough leftover to have tomorrow.
Well that's all for now as I'm going to make us a cup of tea before the new series of  George Gently starts on t.v.  I do like Martin Shaw ever since his Professionals days.

Terri X


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