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Small and Cheap Changes to my Room

The light is not greatest this week for taking photos but I am excited to show you my new side table.   My nephew had this suitcase in his bedroom and I had my eye on it for ages. I swopped a  wicker hamper for it as he only needed it as a bit of storage space.  The case is lined with plywood inside so is quite sturdy.  The legs came from my sis-in-laws house and they had a wooden top which I removed.  Perfect for the case and making it a freebie side table too. I put up my winter curtains that I found in a charity shop.  At the time I didn't know what I was going to do with them but just loved the retro pattern and colours and they are perfect in my green room. They also happen to be the perfect size and length for the window so I sent for curtain hooks and rings for the pole from ebay, cost less than £5.
I reframed this stag print which was given to me.  It was origionally mounted against a light background and a pine frame which had lost its glass but I had this frame and mount st…

Bee Friendly

This is my new kitchen stool which had been upcycled by a lady nearby.  It was the perfect colour for my kitchen and I love the bees stensiled on it.  Sis-in-law brought it as an early Christmas present for me. We had one glorious sunny day this week.  I was working in the morning but was able to sit outside on my decking in the afternoon.  I really don't feel like I have had a lot of time out here this year. The garden has done well this year and my yellow daisies are beautiful at the moment and a haven for the bees.
I even dozed off for a while in the sun.
The hosta is dying back now and my budha is half hidden by all the growth.
The sedum is in flower, underneath somewhere is my little rosemary.
My spring onions are still growing in the pail
This was the last area done this year.  Out of the three clematis planted it looks like two might survive but I will leave the third one just in case it comes back next year.
We decorated a few pebbles and have placed them around the garden. For next…

Craft Stall at the Highland Games

Well I had a great time at the Highland Games but oh my, the weather was pretty awful with torrential rain.  It had rained every day for a week beforehand so when we arrived at 8.30ish there was already lots of mud!  The organisers had laid down boards and sheeting for the vehicles to drive on so we got in alright.  I had my wellies on as I knew the grass would be waterlogged. My photos aren't very clear but I popped out of our tent to have a look round in between showers. There were men in kilts everywhere and they are a hardy lot up here, the weather did not stop all the races, hammer throwing, discus etc.
We set up our stall, I stood the decoupage table on a black bag to keep the legs dry.  We did sell it and the tall plant stand on the table.
We have been busy making things the last few weeks and its lovely to think our crafty makes are making their way all over the world as we were chatting to people from Australia, Canada, USA, Holland and France.
Lots of bags made from scraps of…

Knitted Cottages

I have been busy knitting these little cottages for a customer.  She was particular about the colours she wanted and I was unsure about doing one with a bright yellow roof but I think it has worked out rather well after all.  I hope she will be pleased with them.
I have a touch of arthritis in my hands so they get a bit sore with knitting but I need to crack on and make a few more for the craft stall in two weeks time.
Terri X