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Sun & Showers

Its been a bit of mix of sun then showers lately.  I took this photo on the way shopping, the sun was out on my side of the mountain and i am loving all the cow parsley on the verges.  Everything is looking quite lush now, the yellow broom is still out in abundance and there is just a tinge of the purple yet to come out on the heather. This is the same spot on the way home and it was much darker.  Oh well, nothing we can do about the weather but its nice to feel a bit of warmth on my bones.
Talking of warmth, i have made a couple of new friends and was invited round their home for a barbecue.  They are doing up their house as it was two croft cottages now made into one and it is turning into a wonderfully colourful home.  The location is fantastic, surrounded by trees and they have views from the garden just like the above photos plus a view of a scottish castle! They will eventually run a B&B when finished and I am sure people will love to sit in the large airy conservatory overloo…

Bits and Bobs

Time seems to have sped by the last few weeks so I thought I would do a random post showing a few things I have been doing. I picked the rhubarb in the garden and I froze one lot and we have had two of these crumbles.  My pottery dish is just the right size as it allows for lots of topping and I find i enjoy mine cold with natural yoguet whilst OH likes it warm with ice cream.
This was the book I read for the first meeting of the bookclub.  I highly recommend this, it was such a lovely quirky story and funny and moving too.  I had an enjoyable evening get together in a local pub and OH's came too.  It was just luck to be a musical evening as was open house for musicians so a great time was had and not much talk about what we are going to read next! I got this lovely picture in a local charity shop for £5.  I loved it and it is now on my lounge wall.  I did well that day picking up 4 dvds and 2 knitting mags too.  Putting up a new picture led to a change round of lots of others as it …

A Trip Over the West

We had glorious weather yesterday and as OH and I were both off work we decided to head out over to the West coast.  We stopped at these waterfalls on route.
Its only 40 odd miles away but it takes a while as a lot of the route is on one track road with pull ins to allow passing vehicles.  The triangular mountain ahead is called Suilven. The lochs water was so blue and not a cloud in the sky. Stunning scenery everywhere.  We headed towards Ullapool.
There it is at the bottom of this hill.  
We walked along the front, the sun was beating down on us.  I popped into a few gift shops which are aimed at the tourists but I didn't buy anything.  I spotted a lovely little antique/bric a brac shop and brought a little loyd loom chest which had a newly upholstered lid for £15.
A local lady told us about some gardens to visit just a few miles away so we decided to go there.
We drove through this archway entrance
Paid our entrance fee of £3 each and went into Leckmelm gardens.
Daisy covered walkways Th…