Sun & Showers

Its been a bit of mix of sun then showers lately.  I took this photo on the way shopping, the sun was out on my side of the mountain and i am loving all the cow parsley on the verges.  Everything is looking quite lush now, the yellow broom is still out in abundance and there is just a tinge of the purple yet to come out on the heather.
This is the same spot on the way home and it was much darker.  Oh well, nothing we can do about the weather but its nice to feel a bit of warmth on my bones.

Talking of warmth, i have made a couple of new friends and was invited round their home for a barbecue.  They are doing up their house as it was two croft cottages now made into one and it is turning into a wonderfully colourful home.  The location is fantastic, surrounded by trees and they have views from the garden just like the above photos plus a view of a scottish castle! They will eventually run a B&B when finished and I am sure people will love to sit in the large airy conservatory overlooking all this.  The best bit was they have a hot tub outside and I spent a blissful hour in it, enjoying a glass of bubbles and having a girlie chat.  I felt wonderfully relaxed when I got out and it soothed my aches and pains.  I can't wait to go again :-) 

Besides all the socializing it has been a really busy time at work (hense the aches and pains) and I have had a few problems to sort out with my new car.  I shouldn't tar all car dealers with the same brush because in this day and age you would think the days of treating women as stupid and ignorant would be over.  In short, I had a problem doing up the drivers seatbelt, it wasn't me making a fuss as OH couldn't often do it either.  It had an MOT the day I picked it up and I don't know how it passed like that as it is a safety issue and illegal to drive without it.  I rang the dealer about it the day I got it and although he talked to me like I was an idiot, said he would help sort it and from then on ignored my calls until i subtly said i would put a disappointed review on his website!  That got a response but his attitude was horrible although i eventually got an appointment with a mechanic to sort it.  I turned up for it today only for this mechanic to tell me he didn't know I was coming!  He was a good man though and from what he said, this wasn't the first time the dealer had treated a woman like this. He said he felt like going to his office and punching him so I told him to give him one from me!!
He did fix the problem and as an extra he fixed the diesel cap that wouldn't open also. What a lovely man he was and I am going to get him to do a full service on it next week so I know I will be safe to go down south in it next month :-)

Terri X


  1. Such a shame that there are still men around like that, not to worry at least it is all sorted now or will be now that you have found a decent mechanic. Love the sound of the hot tub.

  2. Yes at least the car problems are sorted, such a relief I'm sure. Views are very lovely, peaceful. Woo xx

  3. Yes at least the car problems are sorted, such a relief I'm sure. Views are very lovely, peaceful. Woo xx


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