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A Few Frugal Things

1.  We are all going to a baby shower today so needing to save some money, I made some booties to go towards the present.  We know the baby is going to be a little girl and her mum does like homemade things so I hope she likes these. Another friend who has just had her baby girl, will be there as well so I will make a pair for her little one too.  She has called her Violet, such a lovely name, the old ones are all coming back I think.
2.  OH brought home a bag full of windfall apples from where he was working.  They were small and took about an hour to peel but so worth it as he has a crumble for pudding tonight and I have 2 more bags full in the freezer for another time.
3.  OH connected up another electric point beneath our house to enable us to plug in our old small chest freezer.  He was a bit reluctant to do this but it has given me the extra space to continue building up stocks for the winter.  I had given the freezer away earlier in the year as it didn't fit in my kitchen but …

The Crofter's Show (part 2)

Look at this trio, they know they are looking good!
I wandered round the pens, talking to the sheep whilst OH chatted to some of the old crofters. The tupps weren't so keen to have their photos taken. Look at this proud boy, he knew he got first prize!
Second and third prize winning ducks

And this was the best egg laying chicken Prize winning cockerel.
This is Alice whose field is just down the road from our house.  She was happily crunching on a carrot that an elderly lady had given her as a treat.  I trudged through all the mud in my white trainers to get these next photo's!! There were only a few cows and some of them were being very vocal, not happy and protective of their calves I think. I like cows, look at those eyelashes! My favourite calf because he has a curly coat and reminds me of the cows we befriended when we lived in our cottage. There were some lovely veg in the exhibition tent and I took a few photo's as I walked round Floral displays Childrens artwork of highland coo&#…

The Crofter's Show (part 1)

The annual Crofters show was held today and usually it rains but today the dark clouds overhead held off and it was really warm.  There was plenty of mud though as it rained a good deal yesterday.  The photo above of the highland dancers was the only one to come out as the competition was held in a marque and all the photos came out too dark, a shame as they all looked so good in their outfits.
The band marched past and the pipes sounded really good.
Look at those clouds! The tea tent behind was doing a good trade and my Sis-in-Law was serving behind the counter.
The truck held the Crofter's show Queen.
So sweet watching the youngsters doing the sack race :-)
This area was for the men playing with their engines, amused me to see them polishing them up and very noisy as they were all running.
I loved this old truck, I saw it driving to the show, so much character.
OH's dad had one of these old Ford Anglia cars.  I liked its turquoise colour.
Spot the teddy on the back of this Massey Fer…

Good News and Bad News

After my last blog post about getting some bargains from the shop I work in, on Monday all of us were busy working in there.  OH was building units and moving shelving for all the new stock coming in and Son and I moved all the tins, packets, jars on shelves to make more room.  I was hot, sweaty and shattered when I finished. Tuesday morning came the bad news.  I got an email to say the shop was closing down so I am losing my job!!
The good news part is that everything is now reduced to half price so I have been stocking up on all the things that I can make use of.  Customers have descended like vultures so I am having to move fast as everyone has the same idea though. I have brought all the cat food to last about 3 months and managed to get a few gifts to go towards a Birthday present for my youngest Grandson.

I have found space in a bedroom to store things.  
There will be a few weeks more to work and then I will just keep an eye out for another opportunity.  In the meantime, I have co…

Bargain Food

The shop I am working in is reducing its food stocks to sell other things so today I managed to get a few bargains.  2 boxes cheerios @ £1 each and 3 boxes readybrek 50p each.  These will be eaten by the men in the house.  I got 5 tins of black cherry filling that I use when I make my cheesecakes for 50p a tin and 2 odd tins chopped tomatoes for 25p each.
Its handy to have a couple of jars of curry sauce in for a quick meal for OH as I cook curry from scratch usually but at 50p a jar I couldn't go wrong.  Beans are reduced to 20p so I picked up 5 tins and I will get more but they were too heavy to carry as I was without a car.
I got a few freezer bargains too.  The potatoes were 90p and I can eat them on Slimming World.  I got 2 bags chicken @ £1 each and the frozen vegetables were 50p each.  OH also got 3 packets of Nice biscuits at 25p each and 4 instant whip mixes for £1. There are a lot of other reduced items in the shop but they are not really things we would normally eat and I …

Precious Times

I have brought my Grand-daughter home on her very first plane ride.  She was very excited and amazed to be above the clouds and definately looking forward to doing it again.   We did lots of fun things like going to the local strawberry farm, I have lost count of how many lovely punnets of them we have eaten We made a lovely flan. We went swimming a few times and afterwards met up with the men to go eat cream cakes in my favourite tearoom, did a car treasure hunt in the pouring rain which came down so torrential that it flooded the village and I haven't seen it like that in the 10 years I have lived there.
We had a lovely barbecue at my friends and my Grand-daughter went into the hot tub with trepidation but loved it. I let her control when we had the bubbles and we both slept well that night. We watched my friends doing a raft race, I was the reserve, and they won by miles.
Go girls! There was walking in the hills with her Grandad and a trip to collect sea glass at the beach with her Un…