Bargain Food

The shop I am working in is reducing its food stocks to sell other things so today I managed to get a few bargains.  2 boxes cheerios @ £1 each and 3 boxes readybrek 50p each.  These will be eaten by the men in the house.  I got 5 tins of black cherry filling that I use when I make my cheesecakes for 50p a tin and 2 odd tins chopped tomatoes for 25p each.

Its handy to have a couple of jars of curry sauce in for a quick meal for OH as I cook curry from scratch usually but at 50p a jar I couldn't go wrong.  Beans are reduced to 20p so I picked up 5 tins and I will get more but they were too heavy to carry as I was without a car.

I got a few freezer bargains too.  The potatoes were 90p and I can eat them on Slimming World.  I got 2 bags chicken @ £1 each and the frozen vegetables were 50p each.  OH also got 3 packets of Nice biscuits at 25p each and 4 instant whip mixes for £1.
There are a lot of other reduced items in the shop but they are not really things we would normally eat and I don't want to buy too many sweet things to be tempted by just because they are going cheap, so I am focusing on stockpiling foods that I know I will use and will help with leaner times over the winter period.  I do wish I had a bigger freezer though as i could have brought lots more vegetables.

Just to show I am still doing ok.

Terri X


  1. First of all CONGRATS on the 3 stone weight loss!!!
    What fabulous bargains you were able to get. Will really help with the stockpile!


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