Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The lounge reveal!

It iis such a dull miserable day today weather wise so these photos aren't the best but I want to show you now we have finished.  

This is my corner with an old armchair covered with a crocheted blanket and cushion that I made.  The other little armchair originally belonged in the cottage so found its way back here.  The tweed cushion covers were made by a lady locally and as you can see I used one to cover the seat pad.  The dresser base unit was part of my dressing table which my OH brought for our 25th wedding anniversary.  It doesn't fit in my bedroom so it was in the kitchen but it fits nicely in here now.  

We had to keep the carpet although its not to my taste but I have put my favourite rug on it that I brought from Fired Earth in my other life as a credit card spender!

The hare picture was done by a neighbour, I love hares and we see quite a few up here.

The vintage mirror over the fireplace was given to me and I have done a simple display on the mantle

I brought these marbles in a charity shop and I like the colours in this little dish that was a present last Christmas.

Such a sweet little felt owl in a John Rosha jug. I loved the shape of this jug but it was never practical for custard etc.

I love this picture that was another charity shop find and it looks so Scottish.  I knitted a little red heart for this special teddy to hold and the pencil holder is actually a carved shell case from my father-in-law from when he was out in Egypt in the Army. 

These are two photo's that my OH took. The bottom one is a picture of my son taken on a woodland walk when the light shone through the branches.  The top one was the stonework of an old ruin.  I think he is a talented photographer but he just does it as a hobby.

I save my little buttons in this lovely heart jar

This ottoman under the window was a charity shop bargain for £10 and it was already pink so I just covered it with some of an oilcloth I had.  The pink chicken cushion was made by me.

This pottery vase is one of my most treasured possessions.  It is a wonky pot with dripped glaze but it was made by my daughter when she was at school and I just love it!  You can just see one of my button hearts on it too.

These two photo's in the window are of my OH's grandad, as a boy in his short trousers and above when he joined the Navy.

This felted heart was a gift and it hangs on the curtain rail.  I like little robins and he hangs up all year round, not just at Christmas.
Last thing to show you is my homemade button lampshade.

I hope you liked the tour round my room. 

Terri x

Friday, October 25, 2013

Home again Home again

Firstly I want to say hello and welcome to my new followers on Bloglovin.
I'm back in bonny Scotland after my trip to visit family, it's always hard to leave them but I had some very good news whilst there.  My stepmum had been diagnosed with a very aggressive breast cancer but after two operations, one a mastectomy she is now free of the cancer.  A bit of recouperation time and she will be back to normal. 
In my last post I showed a few pictures of my friends lovely home and I had been telling my OH when I spoke to him on the phone, that I wanted to decorate the lounge before Christmas if possible. I got home to find he had started it bless him. The ceiling is painted and the skirtings are primed and he waited till I could choose the colour for the walls. We went shopping today to get the paint and got a bargain at B&Q, buy 1 get 1 free of Crown paint so along with the gloss we spent £26. This is all I intend to spend on our makeover as I will be adapting furniture I already have. I will post pics of the room when it's done.
I also started my Christmas gift shopping today.  I managed to get about half of the presents needed along with two Birthday presents sorted and will have to earn more before I can do the rest.  I will not get into debt for Christmas, those days are gone, so I used cash to buy everything after budgeting for our November bills first.  I did enjoy my little spree though.
The weather for those in the south of England from tomorrow night is meant to be very windy, a change for us to miss it! We nicknamed our house Hurricane Heights!  Batton down those hatches and look after yourselves ok.

Terri X

Saturday, October 19, 2013

My friend my inspiration

I just love my friends home, she has always had a talent for putting things together, nothing matches but she makes it her own.  

She uses Farrow & Ball colours throughout and she is lucky to be married to a painter decorator who will happily transform furniture and paint walls as often as she wants!
She has an eye for displaying things 

This is her larder cupboard


Below is the lovely bedroom I slept in

Here are her two cats looking very comfortable
I love her bathroom floor although she is looking to change it to individual Victorian tiles

Her garden is quite small but full of interesting things amongst the planting

This is a bird that goes round with the breeze
This is the front garden and she gets lots of birds coming to feed.

I am already making plans to redecorate my lounge when I get home!

Terri x

Friday, October 18, 2013

My journey south

I didn't sleep well the night before but once settled on the train I decided to treat the journey as an adventure and enjoy it and I actually did!  It was nice to look at the scenery from the window and I tried to take a few pics but bear in mind the train was going pretty fast.
I passed Aviemore station and I could imagine Poirot standing there
Look at this train planter at Pitlochry it was a nice splash of colour
I saw bridges and we went very close to the sea
Sometimes i wasn't quick enough to take a photo like in Newcastle on Tyne the bridges and a castle caught my eye and  by the time i got my camera out we had passed by!  I had to catch three trains to get down south but they all were on time so the journey took 8 hours 15 mins altogether, quicker than driving. I did have bottom ache but I read a bit and did a few puzzles as well as gazing out of the windows and i had intended to do some knitting but the time passed quickly and I didn't get started.  It was so great to see my friend waiting for me and I will post a few pics I took at her house next post as she has such a lovely home.

Terri x

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Enjoying lunch with Hugh!

On working days we have taken to having lunch at 12 o'clock and watching repeats on Channel 4 of the lovely Hugh Fearnley- Whittingstall  series

I was given this book as a present quite a while ago and have to admit to only having done a couple of recipes from it but after watching his programme again I am having another go.  He makes everything look so delicious but I really fancied his stuffed butternut squash recipe so here is a picture of our dinner yesterday

A bit burnt round the edges but still very tasty and filling.  I did adapt recipe slightly to fit in with my diet as I could not add as much cheese or use the oil but  "frylight" was fine anyway and the only thing I would do differently next time, apart from watching it doesn't burn!, is to omit the walnuts.
Hugh also has a new series starting on Wednesday night so I will be watching that too.

Yesterday we awoke to a frosty morning but the forecast said no rain so I got all my washing done and out on the line before we ventured out.  We decided to go for a drive to the large charity shop again to have a look at the furniture as I was looking for something smaller than the chest of drawers we have presently in the lobby.  We are still having problems with our phone and internet connections and every time I ring Sky they make us go through the same procedure of removing the front plate on the phone socket and connecting things separately in the test socket.  Unfortunately it is situated behind the chest of drawers which is of course full of stuff so OH getting very fed up having to manhandle it out of the way to keep doing this. We already know that the fault is outside on the lines as have had the same problem a few times before.  Hopefully it will get sorted out on Tuesday as an engineer is coming out but I wasn't very happy about having to agree to pay them £99 callout charge and £65 an hour if he decides there is no fault as we have been stung with this before when an engineer told us the wires outside need replacing as they are so old that all the cold wet weather effects them but he later told his office there was no problem. Anyway I didn't buy any furniture as there wasn't anything suitable but I did find a lovely pink checked blanket for £2

washed and on the clothes horse as it didn't dry yesterday.  Its made in Scotland and I think it will look nice on my sofa for winter.  We also found 2 plastic curtain rails for £2, one of which will go over the front door ready for a new door curtain and I picked up 2 pairs of plastic knitting needles for £1. Bargains!

 When I got home I decided to clean out the chest of drawers and move it into a bedroom and put a smaller bureau from there in the lobby which gives plenty of space to get to the main socket now. It just took me a while to think about it and it has saved me money.

Other little things which have made me happy this week are

1 - an early morning phone call from my Grandchildren sneakily while mummy was still in bed. They were making their own breakfast of strawberries, marshmallows, chocolate biscuit and strawberry sauce!  I said that sounded Yum and they said they would make it for me when they see me next week.  So looking forward to seeing them again.

2 - a generous friend is still sharing her home grown produce and has given me these

3 - We have a few cows again in the field next door - 2 mums and their youngsters.  I haven't taken a photo of them yet but I will soon but I am outside talking to them daily. I love cows, this was me last time we had a few near us
and I found this picture in a charity shop
Its a framed bit of material but I loved it.
Have a good weekend
Terri X 

Monday, October 7, 2013

The fridge is nearly bare!

I've been cooking this morning and now my fridge looks like this

I have half a tub of stork, 1 oz of cheese left in the Tupperware, 2 tubs margarine, half a pack of streaky bacon, half a butternut squash and 5 carrots left.

I started out this morning with 1 green pepper, 1 courgette, 2 sticks of celery, half an onion, carrots, butternut squash and the last of the frozen sweetcorn and peas.  I have made soup for lunch by adding a tin of tomatoes and some dried soup mix with veg stock

I also found some turkey leg meat  at the bottom of the freezer and a packet of chicken and leek bake mix that I made up with some milk. I had a few frozen breadcrumbs in there too so using up the last of the parmesan cheese I had,  added this to some of  the veg from the list above and my OH now will have this for his dinner tonight

The green bits are chopped parsley I picked from a tub in the garden.

I have enough of the chopped veg left to make up a rice dish for me and will use up the last ounce of cheese grated on the top.

Makes me feel good that I have made three meals out of a few leftover bits and pieces.  I do need to do a Lidl shop when I can but will have to wait and see how much the car repair is going to cost first as the car is an essential.  Its at times when we have an unexpected expense that I miss not having a credit card to fall back on as I always worry we won't have enough to cover the cost.  I do keep trying to put a bit aside in an emergency fund but our incomes fluctuate so that makes it difficult and every time I get some put by it seems something happens and I have to use it!

I am also trying out an old breadmaker to see if it still works. It was given to me by a friend who had brought a new machine after trying to repair the old one.  I gave up on it a while ago and started making sourdough bread by hand as the bread would look like it was doing great until the last hour and then it would sink in the centre.  After about 3 loaves like this I just put it into the bottom of a cupboard and left it there.  I will see what happens with this loaf in about 22 mins!  I couldn't find my machines recipe book so had a look on the internet (which is still playing up so took a while) at a few granary loaf recipes and went roughly by them.  Fingers crossed it will work!

The weather here today is heavy rain but it feels quite warm outside, in fact warmer than inside the cottage.  I have had to do two loads of washing and dry it in the tumble drier because we were out of towels and the forecast for tomorrow looks the same as today. After our company left at the weekend I still need to wash the bedding but will wait until later in the week to try and get it on the line. My OH will need his work clothes doing as he is out in the pouring rain trying to attach some barn doors he has made for a crofter.  He will need some soup to warm him through as he's getting drenched.

Anyway while I've been waffling on the bread is done and success!! 

I'm off to make another loaf now while I'm on a roll! (get it!?!)

Terri X