My friend my inspiration

I just love my friends home, she has always had a talent for putting things together, nothing matches but she makes it her own.  

She uses Farrow & Ball colours throughout and she is lucky to be married to a painter decorator who will happily transform furniture and paint walls as often as she wants!
She has an eye for displaying things 

This is her larder cupboard


Below is the lovely bedroom I slept in

Here are her two cats looking very comfortable
I love her bathroom floor although she is looking to change it to individual Victorian tiles

Her garden is quite small but full of interesting things amongst the planting

This is a bird that goes round with the breeze
This is the front garden and she gets lots of birds coming to feed.

I am already making plans to redecorate my lounge when I get home!

Terri x


  1. Your friends home is beautiful I can see wht she inspires you. Xo


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