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Handbag making!

I signed up for a handbag making course a few weeks ago and today was the day!I am not confident with a machine, I've had mine for about 10 years but I have never even changed its needle and although I have made things like curtains and cushions, they are only made with the same running stitch as I never move the dial!  So could I make a handbag?
I was a bit nervous as the class was held in another village and I didn't think I would know anyone but as I pulled up into the car park another lady got out of her car and said she didn't want to go in on her own as like me , she didn't know anyone so that made it easier to go in together.
We paid our course fee, £25 and the  materials were included in the cost.

First I chose my materials, the tweed for the outside and the pink floral for the lining.  We had a choice of three types of bags to make, a shopper, a small handbag or a bag with a flap.  I chose to make a small handbag with straps that I could put on my shoulder.
I made…

Our 33rd Anniversary

My true love hath my heart and I have his. By just exchange one to the other be given I hold his dear and mine he cannot miss There never was a better bargain driven. My true love hath my heart and I have his.
(Sir Philip Sidney)

Still More Decluttering!

The sun was shining when I woke up this morning but it certainly was a bit chilly!  Temperature -7 but up here we don't have to worry about protecting plants from the frosts at the moment as we are about 6 weeks behind those gardeners further south and we don't have anything flowering yet. Our growing season is a lot shorter unless you have a poly tunnel so as yet I haven't planted anything.  Usually I grow some potatoes, carrots, spring onions, raddish, salad leaves and chard as well as a few herbs but I have learnt through trial and error that its not worth bothering too much.  One year my sis-in-law and I grew 50 tomato plants but we didn't get one tomato!  As it was very wet last year I didn't do very well with potatoes but they are getting so expensive to buy so I will probably do some more this year.
I have been doing more decluttering although to look at my craft shelves you wouldn't think so!
I am trying to keep everything contained within this shelf unit…

Happy Decluttering

I have been decluttering a lot since the New Year and this week, with help from my OH, we tackled all the family photo's.  This was quite a big job as I decided that I wanted to get rid of all the albums and choose the best pictures to keep and condense the space they take up.  We set abt this task but it took us ages as we reminisced over holiday and party pics, laughing at our memories and I got tearful looking at pics of our children who are adults now, didn't  their childhood fly past so fast, the best years of my life.It took us two days to go through every photograph but in the end we had condensed them down by about half and OH burnt the rest plus the albums in an old oil drum we found in a field.  It was a good job done and now I feel relieved that they are all in one place and I dated a lot of them on the back.  My daughter is so looking forward to coming up and having a browse through them all.Today I decided we needed to decluttering all our CD's.  This didn'…

Staying In

It has been wet and very very windy the last two days.  Looking out the window it is so grey and you can't see the mountains at all.  I was out working yesterday but today I just felt like staying in.  I lazed in bed this morning determined to finish a book I was reading and the cats waited patiently for their breakfast and snuggled on the blankets with me.  Eventually I got up as OH lit the fire in the lounge as on days like this its nice to keep one room warm and cosy.  It is just the day for soup too so I set to making some for our dinner
Whilst it was cooking I decided to make a few cards as it is Mother's Day soon and our Anniversary this month plus another Birthday card needed.

I am quite pleased with these and I have used odd papers and recycled cards to make them. OH has sat in front of the t.v this afternoon watching all the rugby so I have been catching up with reading some of the blogs I follow and re-arranging a shelf.  The photo's are a bit dark because of the wea…

Lovely Morning on a Croft

How lovely to see the sunshine!  The day started off cold but it soon warmed up and I headed off to a friend's croft for a coffee and took some photo's which I thought I would share with you.

First we headed down the road to feed the sheep.  There is still a bit of snow on the peaks.

It was so bright, look at our shadows on the road

A mother with her calves watched us with interest

A lot more snow on this mountain

Then off to see the horses

and Billy the Goat

and lastly we fed the chickens

Terri X

Grandad what are you doing?

Today was the day allocated to do all the jobs that our daughter had asked for help with.  We came prepared, travelling down with a toolbox and drill, dustsheets and paint rollers in the boot of the car and his first job was to fix her kitchen cupboard door.  This was quickly sorted and then he was cutting and hammering wood to repair the back gate that had been damaged in all the bad weather.  Grandson No.3 watched him work.
Don't think I got away with everything!  I was keeping an eye on Grandson's 2 & 3 whilst doing two lots of washing to hang out on the line.  It had been a sharp frost overnight but the sun came out and after trying to hang out the first load I found out there was a peg shortage!  I left OH and daughter painting the first coat of paint in the hallway whilst I popped out to the local Waitrose.

Where we live there is not a Waitrose within 100 miles and as this one also has some of the John Lewis store, I looked forward to having a look round.  Grandson N…

A short break

I am having a short break away down south to see my Grandchildren.  Lots of cuddles needed to stock up for the months apart so back soon.Terri X