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Last Week

I was visiting with my Mum and her husband at their little bungalow in Gloucestershire.  They are both not well physically, my mum spends a lot of time lying in bed looking out her windows.  
They both love gardening and these pictures are of their little front garden
This pic shows what you can grow in a very small area under the windows
Definately the best front garden in the street and lots of people walking past stop to admire it.  
The roses at the path edge are full of buds.  Mums OH works very hard to keep it tidy for her.  Let me lead you round to the back garden
Through the side gate
I love this plant with its white pompoms but i cannot remember its name
Tomatoes in the hanging basket
Another very pretty shrub along the side fencing
Looking over the back garden.  The little gate gives them access to the very elderly man next door in case he falls over and has been handy a few times.
My favourite little walkway along the back fence to one of the seating areas You can see that this is not…

Budget Garden Makeover

After my last post showing you my mums lovely garden, it was time to do a bit more towards making my own little space more attractive for the summer.   As we are far up north our planting season is approx 6 weeks behind the growth in my mums garden and this makes the growing season much shorter

First my son spent a few days deweeding underneath the hedge.  The wild garlic plant that i put in last summer has grown a bit and i found two ladies mantle plants that had self seeded into pots.  On the right is a small geranium that i also found amongst the weeds so that got replanted too along with one I had in a pot.  Cost so far = £0 My suntrap is the front garden and when we moved here just over a year ago one of OH's first jobs was to put down this area of decking that we acquired from friends.
The most expensive part of my makeover was the £18 it cost for 6 bags of potting compost and when we went to Home Bargains this weekend, I picked up 3 wall planters for £1.29 each and 3 oblong tub…

New bedlinen

Its been a busy week but we have had some beautiful sunny weather so all the washing has been out on the line to dry.  I stripped the bed and put my new quilt cover on.
I love it but OH is not so sure as its so busy.  I find the doors facinating and i love all the colours.
Bonny approves too
Purrrrr.  This quilt feels nice. Look how cute I am!
Tiring work posing for photos, time to sleep!
Terri X

Last part of our Holiday

Edinburgh Castle We used our card brought in Wales and got entry to the castle half price, bargain!
The castle is so high up that you get fabulous views.

There were lots of tourists like us about.
There are a lot of buildings within the walls and we went inside the museums.
OH climbed up the highest points to take photos but as you can see, the rain clouds were coming over. 

We stayed to watch the 1pm cannon being fired over the city just before the heavens opened and we decided to leave to walk down the Golden Mile. We looked for a cafe and dropped into the St. Giles Cathedral as it had one inside.  OH brought a photo permit to allow him to take a few photos.

Suitably refreshed we then set off for the Palace of Holyrood.
This is the Queens residence when shes in Edinburgh.  As part of her Majesty's Birthday celebrations they had an exhibition of some of her outfits worn over the years.  We weren't allowed to take photos but it was so interesting, the dresses were beautiful.  When you …