Monday, December 29, 2014

The View Today

This was our view today from up the hill in front of our cottage.  Nice huh?!

Terri X

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Happy New Year!

I had a lay-in till nearly 10am, well we didn't get to bed till 1.45am.  We spent a lovely evening around a friends house and saw the New Year in around a bonfire in the garden.  It was such a mild night, a few stars in the sky and we had the radio on to hear the chimes of Big Ben.

I have got this beautiful 2015 diary and I have been looking forward to putting all my info on its lovely pages

I still prefer to write everything, not typing it all on a computer. 
I have decided not to make any resolutions this year, I am just going to focus on doing my best to work towards a few things and not beat myself up if I don't achieve a certain goal.
I want to continue being thrifty regarding food and today I cooked us a lovely roast beef dinner.  The joint was on a half price offer and cost £7.  We have not had beef in the last year as i would not normally spend that much on meat so it was a treat and I have portioned the remains up so that we have a further two dinners worth in the freezer and some for sandwiches.  I am quiet pleased that it has worked out so economical in the end.
Our electricity consumption was successfully down 6 per cent on the previous year so I want to continue on that line.  It is not going down without effort and thought on our part though as we are cutting back as much as we can already.
I am going to make a fresh start on weight loss, starting at the weekend.  I didn't expect to be in the same old position with my weight as at the start of last year but I have had a tough few months mentally and been very low so have just comfort ate and put it all back on.  Stupid but I am going to forgive myself and just try again.
I also want to try and save an emergency fund again as it was used up fixing the car so is at zilch and I need to start a car fund to save for another car.
The good news is that this year we start ahead of ourselves with most bills paid until April.  This was due to OH having a few weeks work up to Christmas and making the decision to be sensible and sacrifice our trip south to be with our Grandchildren over Christmas.  Our income fluctuates anyway but it is often the case that we hardly get any work Jan/Feb so it feels good not having to worry over bills for a few months.  I look forward to seeing my family as soon as we can though. We are luckier than a lot of people who will start this year in debt.

Terri X

Saturday, December 27, 2014

It Snowed Overnight

The snow arrived again overnight but not as much as we thought we would get.  OH persuaded me to go for a little walk just up the road this morning as I was a little unwell yesterday so I hibernated all day.

The weather looks a bit worse over the West and you can't see the mountains so well today.

I felt better for having a little stroll but my hands were freezing even in my gloves so I didn't take many photos.  

Back indoors now with Bonny lazing in front of the stove.  She just loves the heat and hates to move when we put another log in.  OH is having a snooze on the sofa, he gets up so early even when there is no need to.
We are just going to have a picky day today as I have had enough of cooking and we can just eat up leftovers.  I have a few programmes to catch up on I-player and my new books to look through so another quiet day.  We have been invited out to friends again for Hogmanay so that will be fun. 

Terri X

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas

Not a very clear photo at 4 o'clock in the morning!  We are always up early on the big day, years of getting up with excited children I think but I said to OH last night we would try and last out until 7am but it was not to be!

A very hard frost last night so everywhere looks white and you can see the snow on the mountains out the back.

The frost makes a nice pattern on the car bonnet

but my plants are looking a bit sorry for themselves

 I've already had Buck's Fizz and started the chocolate Brazil's 

I have cooked the pork with lovely crackling, made a cheesecake and the bubble & squeak for tomorrow, stuffing balls prepared and the veggies so all set for dinner later.

I'm off to play with my pressies

Thank you to family and friends for their lovely gifts, I have been very lucky.  I have recycled all the ribbons and some packaging

I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas too 

Terri X