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What have I been doing this week?

I'm having a job to remember what I have been doing!  I feel that i have been pretty busy but my head is a bit wooly when i try to think.  I'm blaming everything on the menopause but i definately get more tired, more forgetful, more emotional and more hot flushes.  Oh the joys of being a woman!
So....not in any particular order, I have ....
Pottered around in the garden when the sun shined.  I emptied out a trough and split up a few plants and planted a bit of lobelia.

It might be a bit to early to plant bedding up here but we shall see.  I fill the bare soil with shells collected from the beach as this stops my cats using it as a toilet.  Next time i have a trip out i will look for some geraniums.  I was tempted to plant some veggies in it but decided on having a splash of colour instead.
A fushia and more lobelia were planted in the hanging basket outside the door.  I like rusty things and love my bunch of keys.  The other side of the door looks like this..
The two rusty flower s…

Easter catchup

I have been away down south in Gloucestershire and i had a lovely time, what bliss it was to feel the warm sunshine.  I spent my time visiting relatives and walking round their gardens, being treated out to lunch and browsing in charity shops.  Home again Saturday evening ready for a busy Easter Sunday.
When i woke up this morning it was to find we had had a really sharp frost overnight.  The sun was shining but it is still too early for me to plant out the french beans and lettuces and the few bedding plants i purchased recently so i best wait for May..
First thing i did do was to dig out my Easter decorations and put them out into the porch.  I just love hanging the different coloured eggs onto my willow branches.
This is a close up pic of my favourite rabbit, he's so cute holding his carrot
An egg shaped chicken!
I wandered around the garden in my pj's looking at all the new growth on my plants that have suddenly burst through and i found another clump of daffodils that i don…

Highland Cows

When we were out yesterday we came upon these Highland cows and i couldn't resist showing a few pics of this handsome fellow with his family
The little ones are so cute

Hope you liked these photos 
Terri X

A Wild Windy Day

It is one of those wild windy days and the doors and windows are rattling as it howls around the cottage and although the sun comes out now and then, It is impossible to put any washing on the line.
We could see the rain coming towards us from the West coast so we decided to venture out nearer the East coast in the hope that it would be brighter and the winds might not be so strong. 
This is a view of the Dornoch Firth this morning.  The water was very dark and choppy.  I felt battered round the ears taking this pic and was grateful to get back inside the car.   We just popped into Lidl for some cat biscuits that i had seen earlier in the week at a good price and we also came out with these
They were just looking up at me so cheekily and saying "eat me! eat me!"
As to the rest of my week, i have had quite a busy time even though ive only had a few hours work.  I have met up with friends and gone food shopping together whilst having a good catch-up, met up with other ladies from…

April Flowers & Lambs

I love how these little Forget-me-not's spring up in the gravel every year from the one packet of seed that was sown in a pot about four years ago.  Such hardy little plants and so colourful
Another shrub that is out everywhere at this time of year is the Gorse.  The splash of yellow is so cheerful and lovely against the green, very prickly though!

I don't know if this ruin was a house or a barn but what a lovely position by this loch.
The first little lambs are being born around us.  I watch the ewes struggling to give birth in the fields and keep a look out for any that seem to have a problem and phone the local crofter.  He is up here numerous times a day now patrolling the hills on his quad bike.  He was moving the mothers into another field yesterday teatime, aided by his sheepdog, when one escaped into our garden along with her twin lambs.  I watched out of the window as he whistled to his dog to herd them out again.  They are such clever dogs and are worth thousands of…

Daffodils on my table

These are the first daffodils from my garden.  I love their brightness on my table.  I picked up the little Emma Bridgewater tin from a garden centre and the little chicken was a charity shop purchase.  I took a bagful of bits to them today and managed to only pick up two items to come home with me.  The other is this
Lovely material that I am going to make into a cushion cover.
It was pretty foggy this morning but there was a little glimmer of blue sky so I was ever hopeful of a teensy bit of sunshine.  As we headed out it was only 5.5 degrees but we set off to Tesco to buy a new kettle as we have been without one for a couple of days and its not very frugal to heat a pan of water on the hob whenever we want a cup of tea.  We brought a rapid boil one for £12 and headed straight out of the store as I had already done a little food shop earlier in the week.  I did get an extra 4p a litre off my diesel with my club card, making it £128.9p instead of £146.9 in the village. It was 10 degrees…