Easter catchup

I have been away down south in Gloucestershire and i had a lovely time, what bliss it was to feel the warm sunshine.  I spent my time visiting relatives and walking round their gardens, being treated out to lunch and browsing in charity shops.  Home again Saturday evening ready for a busy Easter Sunday.

When i woke up this morning it was to find we had had a really sharp frost overnight.  The sun was shining but it is still too early for me to plant out the french beans and lettuces and the few bedding plants i purchased recently so i best wait for May..

First thing i did do was to dig out my Easter decorations and put them out into the porch.  I just love hanging the different coloured eggs onto my willow branches.

This is a close up pic of my favourite rabbit, he's so cute holding his carrot

An egg shaped chicken!

I wandered around the garden in my pj's looking at all the new growth on my plants that have suddenly burst through and i found another clump of daffodils that i don't remember ever coming up before.

I love their bright orange centres.

I picked a mixed bunch to take indoors to put in the kitchen and make another little display 

I was so busy playing that i left myself short of time to get showered and dressed to get to church.  I had volunteered us to help with setting out an Easter 
egg hunt for children in the afternoon and after the first service we headed to the woods with 100 laminated eggs to hide amongst the trees, high and low.  The idea was for the children to collect as many as possible and then attend an Easter service before swapping their laminated eggs for a goodie bag of real ones along with balloons and bible readings.  This turned out to be a great success and we got to spend a couple of enjoyable hours outside in the sunshine before going in for another little service and singing.  Then sandwiches and a huge variety of cakes were laid on for tea.  Such a lovely way for a village community to get together.

I hope you have all had an enjoyable Easter Sunday

Terri X


  1. What a lovely blog, very friendly indeed. Woo xx

  2. Loved your Easter decorations! I notice you have the little cottages china on display. My mum has several pieces of this that my dad bought for her during their first year of marriage 62 years ago and I love it.


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