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I Love Eggs

I am not talking about the chocolate ones we have just eaten over Easter. OH is in the doghouse over this as Sunday afternoon I thought i would sit down with my egg and a cup of tea but my egg had disappeared!  As i've been dieting OH thought he would save me the calories and ate it, i was not impressed!!
He has been working for a couple of ladies these past two weeks who have generously kept us supplied in real eggs, both duck and chicken. 
We go through a lot of eggs usually two dozen a week and I always try to buy them from people who have their own free range chickens.  They vary in price round here, usually from £2.60 - £3.20 a dozen but there is no comparison between these fresh and those brought in a supermarket.  The yolks are so bright yellow and its nice to know they were laid that day.
I have eggs most days for breakfast, i don't eat cereals except very occasionally porridge.  I love them cooked in various ways but i am partial to boiled egg with marmite soldiers!  I d…

Easter Craft Stall

I had a lovely day at the craft fair and it was really well attended.  There was a sewing demonstration making a corsage, crafts abd competitions for the children and a cooking demo.  I came home with a lovely tasty couscous salad recipe which i will probably do myself for a friends Birthday tea soon.
I took these photos of the stall which looked pretty colourful and we sold lots of things.  My knitted cottages were a success, an architect lady even asked me if i could knit her house if she sent me a photo!  I spent lots of the day chatting to people and i had a lovely surprise.   I wrote a blog post recently about a couple we had met whilst out for a walk,  Patricia and David.  I felt that we would meet again sometime and it was lovely when she came to the stall and suddenly recognised me as i've cut my hair off since we last met.   She said that our conversation that day had really helped her and when she had got home the phone rang.  Out of the blue it was her daughter who hadn&#…

Land of Making Anyway...

This is a new sign i found in a garden centre and i just had to have it so its now in my hallway.
This week i was off work sick and i made the most of it, crafting ready for having another stall this weekend.
A few more knitted croft cottages
A few knitted hearts 

Some embroidery hoop pictures
A little bit of sewing

So you see i have been busy. I have decided to crochet some little Easter chicks from one of Attic 24's patterns so i'm going to be up late tonight.
Terri X

Enjoying the day

OH had to take our car to the garage early this morning so i got to enjoy a nice lay-in finishing my library book. I enjoyed the story and it was a quick read, all about a homeless boy and a bereaved woman who found each other and it had a nice happy ending.   I raced to get dressed before OH returned as we had decided to take advantage of the sunshine and go out somewhere for a walk.  He came home £143 lighter but the brakes are now in full working order. We set off northwards and followed this path to the coast.  This gateway stands alone across the path, no fences anywhere!  The mountain is Ben Braggie and you can just see the Duke of Sutherland monument on the top.
The clouds came over and it was quite chilly when the sun went in. I sat on a newly positioned bench, it was a bit high and my feet didnt touch the ground.  It was quite nice to be able to swing my feet as i sat and watched the oyster catchers nesting by the shore.  I couldn't capture a good photo of them though. We strol…