Enjoying the day

OH had to take our car to the garage early this morning so i got to enjoy a nice lay-in finishing my library book.

I enjoyed the story and it was a quick read, all about a homeless boy and a bereaved woman who found each other and it had a nice happy ending.  
I raced to get dressed before OH returned as we had decided to take advantage of the sunshine and go out somewhere for a walk.  He came home £143 lighter but the brakes are now in full working order.
We set off northwards and followed this path to the coast.  This gateway stands alone across the path, no fences anywhere!  The mountain is Ben Braggie and you can just see the Duke of Sutherland monument on the top.

The clouds came over and it was quite chilly when the sun went in.
I sat on a newly positioned bench, it was a bit high and my feet didnt touch the ground.  It was quite nice to be able to swing my feet as i sat and watched the oyster catchers nesting by the shore.  I couldn't capture a good photo of them though.
We strolled back and stopped to chat to a rather lovely elderly couple who were walking their greyhound.  We didn't know them but they told us they had moved up here from Kent three years ago.  The lady (Patricia) was missing her daughter and Grandkids, instantly I told her she was not alone in that as its the hardest thing about living up here and a lot of my friends feel the same.  We chatted for a bit and she hugged me when we parted and i think our chance meeting had helped her feel a bit better.  I feel sure we shall meet again somewhere.

On the way home i popped into a charity shop and picked up this tartan wool blanket for £2, very pleased with my bargain and i aired it on the line when i got home.

We took a little back road through the hills to get home.  This area is called the Backies 

It is a lovely scenic route

I wouldn't want to live in this house especially during winter as its so remote.

There were sheep grazing in the garden.

We headed back to our village and to our local cafe for a drink and as it was 1pm by the time we arrived OH decided to have his favourite haggis toastie for lunch.  I found it quite difficult to resist all the food and just have a cappacino but the diet is working so i didn't want to spoil all my hard work.
It was nice to make the most of the sunshine but its turning chilly again now.  I think i will cuddle up under my new blanket tonight.

Terri X


  1. Excellent blog Terri, looks like you had a lovely day. That blanket you found was a real bargin xx

    1. It was hidden under a pile of other material so it pays to rummage x

    2. It was hidden under a pile of other material so it pays to rummage x

  2. Hi Terri,

    I came across your blog when searching for something else, I've popped through a few back posts and decided to stay :) Love the views in your photos, what a wonderful place to live.

    1. Hello, its lovely to have a new follower :-)

    2. Hello, its lovely to have a new follower :-)

  3. Lovely photos :)) Glad you had a nice day, spring wont belong! I am itching to get out in the garden but its still raining, stays light to six pm now :) lots of love xx

    1. The bulbs are just starting to poke through, we must be a good six weeks behind you there but we have been having lots of sunny, cold days. I did sit on the decking and have lunch this week :-)


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