Monday, July 21, 2014

Out of action for a little while

Just to let you know that I might not be able to blog for a short time as today I am having a little op on my index finger.  Its only minor but I have been told that I won't be able to drive or get it wet for three weeks and it will be very stiff after that!  As its my right hand it's going to be fun trying to do things left handed. I was more concerned about being unable to do any crafting so I have a pile of books lined up to read instead 
and i plan to make the most of it as OH is quite capable of doing everything else that is too tricky for me.  In fact he's in the kitchen right now making tonight's dinner,  a chilli as we will be out all day :-)

Terri X

Saturday, July 19, 2014

We Jumped At The Chance!

              Of staying in my friends home which they run as a 4* B&B and looking after their dog whilst they are down in England for the weekend.  
The words on this plaque on their wall are lovely and that is just what i am doing, enjoying a quiet time in a quiet place...
The frontage is so attractive with lots of interesting things to look at

A scottish thistle mosaic, isn't this lovely.

Lots of old tools and implements to look at

I  have no idea what this could have been

Wandering around the garden its a pity the sun is not shining as it would be nice to sit out here and have tea.  The sky is overcast and looks like it could rain anytime but it is still quite warm.

Fairies and roses, very romantic i think.
Notice the rusty heron?

My friend is good at making cakes and left us one to enjoy so that's just what i'm going indoors to do now. Yum!

Terri X

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

A Week Of ....

LUCKY FINDS.  This lovely picture of a scottish croft overlooking a loch was hiding amidst a box full of others but as soon I saw it I thought  it would forever remind me of our Highland home.  There is no artist name on it but it was definately worth the pound i paid.

This is a scarf that i spotted in a box on the floor in a charity shop.  The colour of the roses is so vibrant and i will use it as a little cloth on a small table.  Another pound well spent!

CATCHING UP.  I have recently been in touch with two old friends, one i had lost touch with 10 years ago and it was lovely to hear from her.  We have had a little chat by phone and will keep in touch regularly from now on but we do live a long distance away from each other so a visit will have to wait for a while.  I did have a lovely day out yesterday with another friend who i see every couple of months. We just pottered around a few shops i hadn't been in before and had a good catch up over lunch.  We also had a look round a glassware gallery, hugely expensive in there though. I enjoy my friends and need to make more effort to keep in contact as it is so easy to get caught up in day to day life and before you know it weeks even months have gone by.

I found this lovely candle in a charity run shop we went into and it smells gorgeous of apples.  It will be a shame to burn it so i will enjoy its fragrance for a while first. They also had a lovely selection of homemade soaps which would make nice little presents with some of my handknitted flannels.

PRESENTS.  I have been very lucky this last week.  First, my son brought me a new mobile phone as i have needed one for ages.  I might have eventually got around to buying one but there always seems to be other more necessary things to spend out money on.  He gave me a choice of colour and i went for white as it was a bit more girlie but he choose the make and model for me and i am finding my way around it.  Second pressie was from my OH and is the new Paolo Nuttini album, i just love his voice.

BARGAIN BUYS.  I found this cute leather phone case on Ebay for just £3 as i need to protect my new phone

CRAFTING.  I made this little doggy pin cushion as the printed material was free in a magazine.  It is the first time i have made anything following printed instructions but it came out pretty well and i made sure to copy the pattern onto newspaper pieces so that i could make another.

COMMUNITY ACTIVITIES.  I watched the WW1 play which was done as part of the Gala and it was nice to see it so well supported by the village.  I also went to play bingo and there is talk that it will be held once a month now.  I enjoyed it but unfortunately didnt win but did get close a few times!

I am off to meet a friend at the vintage tea party shortly so lots going on.
Bye for now.
Terri X

Thursday, July 10, 2014

A Little Knitting Project

A tah-dah moment for the little napkin holders I have made as a liitle present for my sis-in-law who has the biggest collection of napkins you've ever seen!
They were going to be for her Birthday but she saw me making them when she popped in so no surprise now.

I took the pattern from this magazine which has a few more patterns that i would like to try.
I've also used one to hold these two big needles together in a pretty way.  

I've decided to give them to her today and i hope she will like them.

Terri X

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Buy Some Happiness?

Money couldn't buy the happiness i felt this afternoon lazing in the sunshine on my steamer chair!
I'm still reading the book "The Happiness Project" and was reading the July chapter and thought how lucky I was not having to work on a day like this.
I could just sit a while and enjoy my view
looking at the sheep on the hill. They have all just been sheared and their lambs are getting much bigger and sturdy now. You can also just see the wind turbine at the top but it was facing East and didn't disturb me today.
The occasional cloud drifted over and a breeze kept me from being too hot but Bonny was feeling it
She flaked out next to me trying to get a bit of shade from the chair.
I did eventually move and picked the last of my lettuces and filled the gap with a few geraniums
Still got a bit of space to plant something else.
I went inside to make a quick dinner of cheese and potato pie for OH and son.  There is some of the pineapple upside down cake to eat up too.
I have nearly finished my little knitting project so I will show it on my next post.
I plan to catch up on watching Kirstie's new programme on kitting out homes for free while the footballs on again tonight.

Terri X

Monday, July 7, 2014

The Past Week

This photo sums up beautifully the weather we have been having over the last week, sunshine and showers.

When i went South and got the chance to go to Ikea, i brought a hanging shelf to put in my wardrobe, it caught my eye as it was a Cath Kidston material.  I decided to have another declutter session this weekend and managed to clear out 2 black bags full of old clothes, some so awful that they have now gone into the recycle skip in the village and the rest set aside to go to a charity shop.  I also cut up a lovely blue cotton shirt just for the material box.

It was hard to get a picture but you can see that my space is limited!  
I have actually been able to fit my coats in here now too and my winter woolies are on the top shelf along with my travel bags.  
I am so glad i picked up that shelf unit now, pretty and practical.

The village is holding its Gala week starting next weekend.  It is the school summer holidays now and the week is full of activites for all the family.  I think i will go to watch the WW1 play and go to play bingo during the week and on the last weekend there is a car boot.  I have been putting aside a few items and am thinking about doing the car boot, depends on the weather too.

I have also been watching some of the World Cup football and the tennis final as my son and OH have had it on but i was knitting at the same time.  I have to say that i felt better for having such a lazy weekend.  I went out to church yesterday morning and did us a quick healthy dinner when i got back of salmon, boiled new potatoes, broccoli and green beans.  As the cooker was on, at the same time i cooked a slimming quiche (no pastry) for tea and a curried chickpea loaf for Mondays dinner. 

A friend rang last week and asked if we wanted some bits of wood he had collected, said they could be chopped up for burning.  Of course i said Yes Please!  He brought it all up in his truck and we made a start on chopping it up in chunks and into bags of kindling.  I also ordered a couple of sacks of coal to be delivered, need six really but will get it bit by bit.  While we both have work this month i am trying to put some money aside to help pay the bills over the winter so i am still skimping on the food shopping although when my £46 delivery came from Mr Tesco it didn't look a lot. 

This recipe is out of the retro kitchen book i showed on my last post.  I have never made one before and as OH doesnt like cherries, i put a few flaked almonds inside the pineapple circles.

I hope OH enjoys it!

Terri X

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Retro Kitchens

I picked up this lovely little cookbook last week nor for the recipes but because the cover caught my eye.
It has some lovely pictures in that I thought I would share with you.
I love the formica table in this one

My second house had a kitchen very like this one!

Loving the red work tops which would work in a kitchen even today.
Wall cupboards like these are quite sort after now

I had these blue and white floor tiles as well!

Terri X

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Busy Bee

I am soooo late blogging about my week, the time has sped by and I have been busy at work because the school holidays start this week.  Anyway just a few random things to share like...
a hedgehog snuffling around the garden. This is only the third time we have seen one since we lived here so we watched it for a while and were rewarded by seeing another peep out of the undergrowth.  Perhaps they are a couple and we may get some babies.
I got a new shift dress from EBay and I love it
Not a great photo but its from Italy and is a silver grey linen.  I can wear it with long leggings or short and various tops/jumper underneath so as its so versatile I decided it would be £18 well spent and its so comfortable.  I also shortened the brown linen dress that I wore to the wedding the previous week and its now the same length so I can wear it in the same ways as the grey. It also got the addition of a little rose on the pocket
I have also had a lunch out with the patchwork group but as I am still trying to lose weight I stuck to carrot and coriander soup and a coffee.  Lots of talk about our trip in September to the quilting exhibition in Edinburgh.
We also attended a meeting about SSE putting in new pylons to connect up all the wind farms to a new power station to be built just outside the village.  It's going to be the size of three football pitches!
The view front and back  from our cottage and the others here will be totally ruined as the pylons are huge and will be very close to us and as you know we already have a wind farm directly in front of us.  The village is rallying together to protest these plans as they have an alternative to go around the hills but say its too expensive and too near hen harriers!  It seems the birds are more important than people.  There is another meeting this Thursday.
Last weekend we popped over to Dornoch and I took this photo outside the cathedral
It stands in the middle of a little green in the centre of the town and was presented to them in 1872.  On the side of the green is this lovely house
The charity shop is around the back but I didn't find anything I wanted to buy.  It was nice strolling around in the sunshine but rained on the way home.
We had a visit from the newly weds on Sunday and I rustled up a lunch of mince curry and rice and some home made naan breads which they enjoyed.  They were putting together all the photos that people had taken for an album so we have to get a new colour ink cartridge to run off a few copies for them.
I managed to get this pic of one of our nesting house martins, they fly so fast!
This is their nest and they fly in and out constantly feeding their babies.  They often hit into the kitchen window by accident.
Alex enjoys watching them too!
I have also started another knitting project but I can't reveal yet what it is.

Terri x