Buy Some Happiness?

Money couldn't buy the happiness i felt this afternoon lazing in the sunshine on my steamer chair!
I'm still reading the book "The Happiness Project" and was reading the July chapter and thought how lucky I was not having to work on a day like this.
I could just sit a while and enjoy my view
looking at the sheep on the hill. They have all just been sheared and their lambs are getting much bigger and sturdy now. You can also just see the wind turbine at the top but it was facing East and didn't disturb me today.
The occasional cloud drifted over and a breeze kept me from being too hot but Bonny was feeling it
She flaked out next to me trying to get a bit of shade from the chair.
I did eventually move and picked the last of my lettuces and filled the gap with a few geraniums
Still got a bit of space to plant something else.
I went inside to make a quick dinner of cheese and potato pie for OH and son.  There is some of the pineapple upside down cake to eat up too.
I have nearly finished my little knitting project so I will show it on my next post.
I plan to catch up on watching Kirstie's new programme on kitting out homes for free while the footballs on again tonight.

Terri X


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