Sunday, January 24, 2016

Craft Clubs

I have been going to a couple of crafting clubs in different villages over the last few weeks.  I enjoy spending a couple of hours working on my own projects but having a coffee and a chat with other ladies and seeing what they are working on.  This is how you learn and get inspiration to create other things.  

One of the classes has young mums and its lovely to see their little ones playing and colouring and all the elderly ladies enjoy the company and have lots of stories to entertain us.  Homemade cakes or biscuits are sometimes brought in too.  Sometimes community projects are worked on such as sewing knitted squares together to make lap blankets to give out to anyone who needs one or attends a talk on tips to keep warm in winter.  

 Recently i have been working on my crocheted rug (pictured above).
It is made out of t-shirts and it seems to take longer to cut them up into continuous strips than the actual crochet.  The last red row was a whole t-shirt, sleeves as well and it didn't quite go a whole round but this doesn't bother me as i just continued until the colours ran out anyway.

I had to rip it back a few times as it wouldn't lay flat but i managed at last, adding a few extra chain stitches and trying to alter my tension.  It is now finished but if i ever wanted to make it bigger, it would be easy to undo the last stitch and just add to it.

I have been asked if i would like to do a little demonstration at a craft fair and perhaps show others how to cut up the t-shirts and make a coaster or placemat and i am thinking about it although i'm no expert and just do what works for me.

I need to find another project to start and take to the classes next week, perhaps a little knitting for a change.

Terri X

Friday, January 22, 2016

Bargain Buys this week

I always look out for yellow stickered bargains when i do a food shop but i rarely get many and i don't buy anything that i wouldn't' normally use just because its going cheap.  I was very happy this week to get these items below

The joint of pork was half price and the mature cheese blocks were reduced to £1.50 along with a bag of grated cheese for £1.  Cheese freezes very well so i was glad to get these.  

I have been trying to cut down on the amount of meat we buy.  I wouldn't find it hard to cut out altogether myself and i eat a lot of veggy meals anyway but OH loves his meat.  I have been buying smaller packs of minced meat and padding it out with a handful of lentils instead and this has worked very well as although OH knows about this, it doesn't change the taste of the overall dishes.  Son is already virtually a vegetarian indeed he has never eaten much in the way of meat except for sausages and burgers so i buy plenty of quorn or veggy substitutes.  

This week it was my Birthday and i decided to go for a day out with a couple of friends to the auctions as i did last year.  I have been looking to buy a breadmaker for a while now but they are normally too expensive for me to purchase.  Well there was a lovely Panasonic breadmaker in the auction and i checked it out beforehand and it looked in very good condition.  I decided to set a limit of £25.  I got it for the grand total of....£2.00!!  With commission i paid a total of £2.24 but what a bargain.  

I haven't tried it out yet except to see if it works but it came with the booklet and measuring tools so i will get some ingredients tomorrow and have a go.  We had lunch there too so my whole day out cost me a grand total of £5.74.

Yesterday i just pottered about at home and spent a while in my craft room.  I have decided that this year i would try to make everyones Birthday cards in advance instead of leaving it to nearer the time.  I made 4 so a good start and I will be able to make more from the cards which were sent to me.  I love recycling in this way.  We were invited round for a meal at a friends house to celebrate my Birthday and that was a nice get together as some family members were there too.
I got pretty spoilt really with money, boots and slippers, earrings, socks, smellies and a knitting book on the way too.

Terri X

Friday, January 8, 2016


Wow it was cold yesterday evening.  I huddled in my fleecy polo necked top next to the stove last night but still felt cold.  The temperature was expected to go down to -8 degrees.

It probably feels colder as i have spent the last 5 days down in Gloucestershire where although it was chilly, the sun shone and it felt quite spring like.  It was lovely in my mums garden,  daffodils in bud and snowdrops in bloom.  Mums house though was too warm as unfortunately they are both unwell but the heat just made me sooo tired and lethargic.
Anyway i am home again and we banked up the stove last night so i just put some wood on it at 6am when i got up.

This is the view out the front of my house this morning.  Look at the blue sky over in the West.

In the side garden the snow hasn't been touched not even by little cats paws.  So tempted myself to walk over it and leave my footprints!

Photo of frost covering the hedge.

Talking of another kind of freezing,  i thought it was about time i found out exactly what was in my chest freezer.  I very rarely get to the bottom of it so i roped in OH to help.  Made him do the worst bit putting his hands in whilst i wrote the list hee hee.

Quite a lot more than i thought to make meals with.  I am pretty bad at labeling things thinking that i will remember what it is so today for lunch we are going to have some kind of soup with some homemade tomato bread!  I can see the red bits in it!

Terri X

Happy New Year

Hello, I am back with a little catch up post after Christmas.  We had a lovely time spending it with the Grandkids and with three boys plus one girl it was busy and full of superhero's!

It was so sweet when at 1o'clock in the morning GS aged 6 yrs woke his sister aged 9 yrs and said he could see something red outside the window and it must be Father Christmas!  I was in the bunk below so told him he must be bringing us presents but we had to be asleep so we did manage to last out till 4.30 am to get up.  I love that in his imagination he really saw Father Christmas outside.

Unfortunately by the big day Son had got the lurgy and by Boxing Day I came down with it too.  I have to say that it knocked us both for six and it was a shame because I really could not join in with the kids and my throat was so sore I couldn't  talk much.  We travelled home on bank holiday Monday as the weather looked the best for the journey.  I was too ill to do any driving so OH and Son drove.

I got this picture of the metal Arria statue on the A80 near Cumbernauld as we zoomed past.  I love driving by her at night as she sparkles.

There was only a smatter of snow on the Cairgorms

New Years eve was a non event in this house as we were all poorly and it's only this week that we are getting back to normal.  OH has been busy working but has found it hard going as aching joints seems to be a part of this bug.

We hadnt seen anyone for a while so yesterday I invited a couple of friends round for lunch.  I raced around cleaning up the house then made a coffee and walnut cake and some soup.  I found a lovely recipe for a spicy butternut squash, lentil and coconut soup online.

Not a great photo but it tasted lovely and I served it with some naan bread.  The cake wasn't too bad either.

So nice when girl friends get together for a good natter isn't it.  We made plans to go to the auctions when they start up in a couple of weeks and are also checking out the cheap deals on a spa day at a nearby hotel.  Its my Birthday this month and i would love to have this as a treat so will wait and see what happens :-)

Terri X