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Just a Quick Note

to say that I am back home after my trip south.  I had a lovely time catching up with family and a couple of friends too, one I hadn't seen for approx 12 years so there was a lot to catch up on!   I have neglected my blog a little but when the light is good enough I will take a few photos.  I have a few things to show you and will update whats on my craft table.  I am at last getting in the mood and thinking its about time to get on with making a few Christmas presents so tomorrow I am getting together with a friend for a sewing day, that's the plan anyway.
Terri X

More Hee'land Coos and the odd chicken.

This little sewn patch above is going on a little Christmas pressie so I can't show you the whole thing but I bet you can guess what it's on though shhhh.. no telling!
Well it was lovely to get a few comments on my last post, thank you to Gill and I hope you give us a peek of your finished bag on your blog. Thanks also to Jean, Kim and Woo who all liked my new placemats and wanted a bit of info regarding them.

It was a bit of a chilly damp morning but we decided to pop to Dornoch this morning and have tea and cake in OH's favourite cafe. We also called in to the gift shop called Gordon House to find out where the placemats are from. They gave me a card with email The shop has quite a big range of coasters and placemats in these designs, all lovely and my mats were priced at £7.50 each.  
I also had some luck in the charity shop today and for £5 I brought a lovely brown cardigan from Debenhams, two photo frames and this lovely cushion cover.
I have given …

Time flying by

I finished making my bag and have been using it this week.  Made out of scraps and lined with old curtain material
We went out Saturday evening to a friends house to celebrate an upcoming 50th Birthday. We all took a curry and I made 24 naan breads.  This is an economical way of having an evening out and we put on the old 80's disco music and had a good old dance.  My bag was much admired and a few hints were given out for Christmas!   The weather has certainly changed, the weekend turned very cold, wet and windy.  We have been having the fire on from late afternoon and I have had to start wearing my fingerless gloves in the house as my hands have really been aching.
They do help and I think I might make myself another pair soon.  I did a load of them as Christmas pressies a couple of years ago and haven't made any since so will need to dig the pattern out. I have now finished my evening sewing classes in time for winter, just signed up for a Saturday one day course making Christm…

Today on my Craft Table

I got up early this morning so that i could have an extra couple of hours to finish making this knitted heart before going to work. It is for a friends birthday and blue is one of her favourite colours.  She also adores her new life here in the highlands so i put this on the rear of the heart
With a tartan ribbon to finish it off.  I hope she likes it. Whilst i was working i looked out the window and saw a lovely rainbow Nice way to start the day.
Terri X

Quilting Exhibition

I had a lovely weekend in Edinburgh and although the exhibition was packed with people, I did manage to take a few photo's to show you.  There were some amazing quilts on show
The one above was made from all different flower fabric.

I personally like the above one, it would look great in my house

This was a smaller lap quilt but I liked the idea of using ribbons to make a heart so I took a close up
The quilt above was like a tapestry and it won a prize.

Colourful quilts to a simple colourway of black and white which was very effective too.

I thought knickers on the line was fun.

So much work has gone into these little hexies but it does make my eyes go a bit funny looking at it!
This was just a small selection of the quilts on show.  The good news was that my sewing group had put in their own quilt and they won a prize! A lot of very happy ladies and we had a little celebration afterwards!