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Whats Cooking!

I've had internet problems for the last 3 days, crackling on the phone lines, which has happened a few times before when we have had a period of damp weather but I got my wish for some sunshine during the week and managed to get most of my washing done and dried on the line. 

I've been busy cooking over the last couple of days and I want to say a big thank you to "frugalinsuffolk" for her blog post on how to make naan bread.  I can't believe how simple it was and I will never buy them again!

Don't they look good...I was so proud of them!  So I am putting her recipe below:-

1lb strong white bread flour
1 level teasp baking powder
1 heaped teasp instant yeast
1/2 teasp salt
1 teasp sugar
just over 1/3 pint tepid milk
1 beaten egg
2 tblsps cooking oil

Mix dry ingredients together and make a well in the centre and stir in the wet ingredients.
Mix well and knead for 10 mins.
Put into an oiled bowl and cover and leave to rise until doubled in size.
Knead again and d…

Crocheting & Gifts

I have finished my own "blooming flower cushion" and I am very pleased with it!
I was able to take a trip down to Inverness last week where a new Dunelm shop has opened.  I had a good browse round and brought a cushion pad  for £3.50 which I thought was a very good price but it was 2 inches bigger than I was planning to make the cushion so I had to make it bigger to fit.
Anyway I think it looks good on my sofa

I decided to have a change round in the front room to cosy up for the winter and I ended up with a plain touch base lamp on my side of the room so last night I started to crochet a cover for the shade and finished it today.  I'm a lot happier with it now

It looks okay with the light on too

I have also been lucky to be given a few gifts this week.   A jar of homemade blackcurrant jam and a big bowl of home grown tomatoes

also a lovely apple and blackcurrant crumble for my OH

you can see he's already eaten half of it before I could take a photo!

I also got to b…

Where I am right now!

Well its been a horrible dreek day, strong winds and rain Yuk! I am now cosied up here Do you like my homemade rag rug? I am watching Jamie Oliver's budget meals on the television and I have this on my lap I have been thinking about what to make from this My OH and Alex, one of my cats curled up on the sofa I hope your evening is as lovely as mine. Oh and apologies the pictures are a bit dark, just a couple of lamps on. Terri X

Happy Sunday

I woke at 6am to the sunshine streaming through the window and our car pulling into the driveway as my OH had gone out at 5am to collect some more wood to dry out for the stove.  He is always an earlybird, says its the best part of the day.  I got up and went out in my pj's to see how many logs he had and although it was sunny there was definitely a nip in the air, certainly woke me up properly!

I've had a nice week as I had three days off working.  I  pottered around the house getting all the washing done and dried on the line, emptied some containers in the garden and was quite proud of the bit of veg I had grown, nothing like the amount of veg that other bloggers have written about but up here unless you have a polytunnel (which I don't) the season is so short to grow outside as we are about 6 weeks behind those in the south and of course we haven't had as much sunshine either.
  This was my little haul, only 3 spring onions left after the sheep had got in and I d…