Sunday, September 29, 2013

Whats Cooking!

I've had internet problems for the last 3 days, crackling on the phone lines, which has happened a few times before when we have had a period of damp weather but I got my wish for some sunshine during the week and managed to get most of my washing done and dried on the line. 

I've been busy cooking over the last couple of days and I want to say a big thank you to "frugalinsuffolk" for her blog post on how to make naan bread.  I can't believe how simple it was and I will never buy them again!

Don't they look good...I was so proud of them!  So I am putting her recipe below:-

1lb strong white bread flour
1 level teasp baking powder
1 heaped teasp instant yeast
1/2 teasp salt
1 teasp sugar
just over 1/3 pint tepid milk
1 beaten egg
2 tblsps cooking oil

Mix dry ingredients together and make a well in the centre and stir in the wet ingredients.
Mix well and knead for 10 mins.
Put into an oiled bowl and cover and leave to rise until doubled in size.
Knead again and divide into 8 pieces or 12 if want smaller ones (as above pic).
Roll into shape and put onto oiled baking sheets then leave to rise for approx an hour.
Preheat grill to very hot, prick each naan with a fork a few times.
Sprinkle a little water on each one then place under grill for about 2 mins until golden.
Turn over, prick again and sprinkle water again and put under grill for 2 mins.
Leave to cool.
You can freeze them and reheat in a microwave or under grill for a few seconds.

These went really well with the vegetable curry that I made for the church lunch.  I followed a Jamie Oliver recipe for jalfresi and it turned out really good.

I used nearly every vegetable I had and threw in chickpeas and baked beans too.  I only paid out for a nice cauliflower £1 and a courgette 75p!!! which was a lot for one courgette though!  This big pan full did 12 servings with a bit leftover which I have put in the freezer. 

Today I roasted a chicken that I got for £3.99 from Lidl which was coated in garlic and herbs.  It was very moist and the flavour went right through the meat.  I made a homity pie to go with it.

Tomorrow I will make a broth with the chicken carcass for lunch throwing in anything I can find.  I was lucky to be given a couple of turnips with a handful of green beans and a few little green peppers from a friend today so will use them and I have 10 pork loin steaks that I got reduced from £6.50 down to £2.50 to go with some mash and veg and gravy for dinner.  I'm pleased that it will again be a frugal meal for 5 adults.

Well I'm going to try to publish this blog post and apologies if it doesn't look quite right, hopefully the phone/internet lines will dry out soon!

Terri X

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Crocheting & Gifts

I have finished my own "blooming flower cushion" and I am very pleased with it!
I was able to take a trip down to Inverness last week where a new Dunelm shop has opened.  I had a good browse round and brought a cushion pad  for £3.50 which I thought was a very good price but it was 2 inches bigger than I was planning to make the cushion so I had to make it bigger to fit.
Anyway I think it looks good on my sofa

I decided to have a change round in the front room to cosy up for the winter and I ended up with a plain touch base lamp on my side of the room so last night I started to crochet a cover for the shade and finished it today.  I'm a lot happier with it now

It looks okay with the light on too

I have also been lucky to be given a few gifts this week.   A jar of homemade blackcurrant jam and a big bowl of home grown tomatoes

also a lovely apple and blackcurrant crumble for my OH

you can see he's already eaten half of it before I could take a photo!

I also got to borrow Octobers issue of Country Living Magazine and it certainly made me feel autumnal, such lovely colours

The weather hasn't been great here this week so my OH has been unable to work as he only has a couple of outdoor jobs to do.  I'm hoping that we do get a few bright days this week so he can bring some money in, luckily I still have been able to earn a bit which I spent on a good food shop to hopefully last us a couple of weeks. We have company for a week from next weekend, friends of my son are coming up to run the Loch Ness marathon in aid of cancer research so I have been meal planning.  I also now have to make a meal to take to church lunch next Sunday so I will have to have a think about what to do with what I have.

I would also like a few bright days to catch up with the washing.  I have let it pile up a bit because I am still reluctant to put the tumble drier on because of the electric costs. I don't put it on the clothes horse unless I have the stove on as it takes about 3 days to dry!  My electric costs are too high anyway as we have to pay £11 a month extra than we use because of the way the meters are set in this cottage.  I have rung Scottish Power but there is nothing I can do about this and I have to pay £85 a month which I think is a lot considering we do not have central heating. I have just watched the forecast on "Countryfile" but it doesn't look great, more rain, rain, rain.  Lets hope they are wrong!

Terri X

Monday, September 16, 2013

Where I am right now!

Well its been a horrible dreek day, strong winds and rain Yuk!
I am now cosied up here
Do you like my homemade rag rug?
I am watching Jamie Oliver's budget meals on the television and
I have this on my lap
I have been thinking about what to make from this
My OH and Alex, one of my cats curled up on the sofa
I hope your evening is as lovely as mine.
Oh and apologies the pictures are a bit dark, just a couple of lamps on.
Terri X

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Happy Sunday

I woke at 6am to the sunshine streaming through the window and our car pulling into the driveway as my OH had gone out at 5am to collect some more wood to dry out for the stove.  He is always an earlybird, says its the best part of the day.  I got up and went out in my pj's to see how many logs he had and although it was sunny there was definitely a nip in the air, certainly woke me up properly!

I've had a nice week as I had three days off working.  I  pottered around the house getting all the washing done and dried on the line, emptied some containers in the garden and was quite proud of the bit of veg I had grown, nothing like the amount of veg that other bloggers have written about but up here unless you have a polytunnel (which I don't) the season is so short to grow outside as we are about 6 weeks behind those in the south and of course we haven't had as much sunshine either.

 This was my little haul, only 3 spring onions left after the sheep had got in and I do still have chard growing.  I was pleased to get some potatoes as they didn't flower at all so I didn't know what to expect but got enough for two dinners from my one tub planted up with some old potatoes I had which sprouted.  I also had the only lettuce left after the sheep's feast and that provided me with two salad lunches this week.
 I had arranged to spend a day with a friend and because the weather was nice, we decided to have a charity shop bargain hunt day. I didn't find a lot really but picked up some good books

This lot cost me less than £5
and some tea towels for £2.50 washed them this morning
I also got treated to lunch out by my friend and I still kept to my diet and had a delicious ham salad.
I got a surprise present last week from my son
I love this jug, more chickens and it is such a handy size for custard etc.
I decided to take a few photo's this morning of my kitchen shelves too just because the colour makes  me happy
I brought the blackboard labels from ebay for £1.50 and I loved putting  them on my jars
A friend brought me the M&S tin of biscuits for Christmas and I loved the tin so I keep some spices in there now

I  watched Monty Don's garden programme this morning whilst dusting things, fab gardens in Morocco and Spain.  I love Monty, his voice is so relaxing.  I have another friend calling in for coffee and a catch up after church today so I am preparing dinner before I go out.  We are having roast chicken and we haven't had a roast for ages so I'm looking forward to it later on.
Hope you enjoy your Sunday
Terri X