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Hibernation has Ended!

In the garden this morning
I thought it got cold in the night, my feet were freezing!  The wind had an icy bite to it but the sun was out so I put the washing on the line anyway. The sheep opposite watched me silently.

I am assuming we are having the lambing snows this week according to the forecast so it shouldn't be long before we see the lambs on that hill.

I've had a tidy up of my wool stash and was surprised just how much wool i had that needed using up so i decided to make a blanket.  I took the pattern off Lucy's blog 'Attic 24' as its just made up of treble stitch so I can watch t.v. and crochet away.  It has already grown twice the size since this pic a few days ago.  I've decided to take it with me this morning to meet up with the patchwork girls.  They won't mind if I crochet while we have a catchup as I haven't seen anybody for about six weeks.  I feel that at last I am coming out of hibernation!  Must be because the clocks have changed or somet…

Shelfie Pics

I love my kitchen shelves and have taken photos of them before but I have added items to them, a new cottage butter dish was given to me and a hand painted plate which was not wanted have somehow found a space.
My fruit bowl and cake tin sit empty on top of these drawers so I will have to do some baking and a little shop to replenish.
Ahh.. that's better now its full up.
I am still loving these drawers that i decoupaged too and today I have tidied up the contents.  You can lose a lot of stuff inside these.
This is the picture wall above my pew.  I have framed some of OH's photos and it is nice to have a changeable display.
This shelf has had a tidy up too and I am happy with the jars.  My measuring cups hang beneath along with a couple of jugs.
The shelf in my hallway is another of my home projects.  I papered and painted it and attached a couple of pink hooks to hold up my knitted hearts.  The photo isn't great as it is such a dark narrow hallway but it cheers up the space.


The mountains out the back just have a touch of snow on the top.
Apologies for not posting regularly, I am full of cold which seems to have got a good grip on me.  OH has a chest infection and the doctors rang today for him to go back as they think he might have a touch of pneumonia (unsure if I have spelt that correctly).  So its the house of the sick at the moment!
March weather has been so changeable so far.  We had more gales which brought down lots more trees that were damaged in the previous high winds.  We did move the cars off the drive this time as more of the barn roof came off and we could not afford any more damage.  Just as we were getting fed up with constant wind and rain we get a few days sunshine.  What a difference that makes!
Washing on the line for the first time this year and it dried.  I washed vases and silk flowers and various knitted ornaments that had got a bit grubby.
The cats have been enjoying more time outside and have been bringing lots of mice into the hous…

Back Home

I arrived back to the Highlands at the weekend after staying a bit longer than expected with my Grandchildren :-)  This was due to OH feeling unwell and the snowfall in the Cairngorms making the roads difficult but I wasn't complaining as I feel much happier after being with them.
We both got haircuts whilst there, sorely needed but using the services of a home hairdresser it cost £15 for both of us so we were being frugal and I was very happy with my cut.  I didn't plan on taking a selfie, looks a bit odd with the "What?" picture by my head!

I always go to a garden centre when I arrive down south and I brought this little pot of mini daffs the first day and then left them in the car for the whole of my trip! They have straightened up and flowered since I got home and I love the splash of colour on my table.
There was a letter waiting for us from the Council after the inspection of this house and as its classed as substandard they awarded us an extra 70 points on top of…