Shelfie Pics

I love my kitchen shelves and have taken photos of them before but I have added items to them, a new cottage butter dish was given to me and a hand painted plate which was not wanted have somehow found a space.

My fruit bowl and cake tin sit empty on top of these drawers so I will have to do some baking and a little shop to replenish.

Ahh.. that's better now its full up.

I am still loving these drawers that i decoupaged too and today I have tidied up the contents.  You can lose a lot of stuff inside these.

This is the picture wall above my pew.  I have framed some of OH's photos and it is nice to have a changeable display.

This shelf has had a tidy up too and I am happy with the jars.  My measuring cups hang beneath along with a couple of jugs.

The shelf in my hallway is another of my home projects.  I papered and painted it and attached a couple of pink hooks to hold up my knitted hearts.  The photo isn't great as it is such a dark narrow hallway but it cheers up the space.

This is a favourite shelf in the lounge.  I display family photos and bits and pieces along with heart shaped fairy lights which glow pleasantly in the evenings.
Last is the mantelpiece where I display a few pictures of the Highlands that were charity shop finds.  It is a kind of woodland display with toadstool candles, owls, birds and flowers amongst them.

I have lots of bits and pieces that could look cluttered but as i have display areas, seems to work for me, making a rented house homely and giving me that cheery pop of colour every day.

Terri X


  1. What lovely photographs Terri, all those colours just look so lovely. Woo xx


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