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I arrived back to the Highlands at the weekend after staying a bit longer than expected with my Grandchildren :-)  This was due to OH feeling unwell and the snowfall in the Cairngorms making the roads difficult but I wasn't complaining as I feel much happier after being with them.

We both got haircuts whilst there, sorely needed but using the services of a home hairdresser it cost £15 for both of us so we were being frugal and I was very happy with my cut.  I didn't plan on taking a selfie, looks a bit odd with the "What?" picture by my head!

I always go to a garden centre when I arrive down south and I brought this little pot of mini daffs the first day and then left them in the car for the whole of my trip! They have straightened up and flowered since I got home and I love the splash of colour on my table.

There was a letter waiting for us from the Council after the inspection of this house and as its classed as substandard they awarded us an extra 70 points on top of the 50 we already had.  This must put us pretty high up now to be re-housed as our friends son had 75 points and he recently got a house.  I need to keep decluttering so I have collected together another 3 bagfuls of items to go to the charity shop. 

After working Mon/Tues, today was a free day so after seeing the above picture in my lovely quilting book, I decided to have a go at making one for a friends Birthday this week.  It took most of the day, i missed breakfast and lunch!  It took ages to choose the fabrics to put together and it was trimmed with ric rac and ribbons from my stash.

I am really happy with how it turned out

I had to hang it over a chair to get a pic of it as its turned out a bit bigger than I expected it to be.

I wrapped it up in this recycled paper bag and it is going to my friend this evening as she is away on her actual Birthday.  
I had to rush to make dinner as OH would be hungry when he gets home so I decided to do a quick Beef Keema recipe

This is the picture in the book but I decided to throw the potatoes in the pan along with the meat to make it a one pot meal.  Served it with a packet rice and it was nice and filling, overdid the curry powder a tad for OH though.  I also knocked up a bolognaise sauce out of the same pack of minced beef for tomorrow so being very economical. 

Just had a phone call from my friend, she absolutely loves her drawstring bag so that was a good day well spent.

Terri X


  1. What a lovely blog, the bag is just lovely. Daffs do brighten up anywhere in the house. Woo xx


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