The Green Room

I have been thinking about changing my lounge around for a while and this photo gives you just a peak of the new colour choice for my feature wall.

Before I show you more, at my last craft fair I was able to get hold of another dining chair that matches two of the others.  I got it for a bargain price of £5 so I now have two of them to transform at some point.  I spent a little while crocheting some feet so they dont scratch the painted floor as the felt pads i tried kept falling off.

The wooden chair with the gingham seat pad is Bonnie's favourite place to sleep.  

I took a while choosing the new paint colour, eventually matching it against a skirt i had on at the time. Its probably just me but I have to like its name too and this paint was called Bohemian Bliss which was just perfect for me.  So here is my ta-dah moment ......

I love its dramatic colour against my floor. This pic was taken at 6pm but as its in a south facing room, the sunshine lightens it more in the day.  I have little bird fairy lights around the cupboard door for the darker evenings.

This pic makes the wall look olive colour but its deceiving as its brighter in reality like the top pic. I've found that the darker colour brings out the colours on the tv better too.

It took OH a day to get used to it but he now says he likes it.

It should make the room cosier in the Winter now as it was too light and bright before and i felt colder.  I am one happy bunny when an idea comes into fruition, with the hard work done by OH and Son so thanks boys :-)

Terri X


  1. It looks beautiful, I particularly love the painted floor.

  2. I absolutely love the colour! looking forward to seeing it in person.The colour looks fantastic against the floor! the boys certainly did a good job xx

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