Adding Colour to the Garden

When we moved here two years ago I thought this house was so ugly on the outside.  Its lovely inside but outside was just so brown!

A splash of blue on the railings and the brightness of the orange has transformed it to make it so much more cheerful.

It is early for the plants yet but I can imagine my yellow daisies which grow 5 foot tall along the back wall will add further cheer.  The pebbles collected from the beach make a good edging for the gravel.

The tubs planted last year have been tidied up and are growing away nicely.

There is still more to do.  The bench needs painting and I plan to make a couple of pallet planters to go against the fence.

My bargain buy was the planter in the middle.  It came from the auction and is 4 ft square.  I bid the grand price of £1 and it came with a free clothes airer!  Of course getting it home was a bit tricky as it wouldn't fit into the back of my friends Landrover.  It took 3 of us to take it to pieces and squeeze it in but I knew OH would be able to put it back together again.
Its rather bare at present but I planted a cooking apple tree in the middle and a friend popped round in the week with two courgette plants.  I was also given some basil so thats in there too.  I am going to plant more seeds but first I need to get some mesh to protect it from next doors cats using it for a toilet.
Last is a pic of my little interest table.  There are fossils that the Grandchildren found and a rusty owl which came from Hampton Court years ago.  
Passers by are stopping to say how cheerful it looks now and once the plantings done it will look even better.

Terri X


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