Thursday, May 25, 2017

Randoms from May

Loving this little drink mat.

I was sitting in the back of the Landrover amongst all these things we brought at auction!  The wood is the planter which is now put back together in my front garden from my last post along with my free clothes airer which cost me £1.

This china pot was amongst my auction buys and is dated 1927.

I went to a Wellbeing Festival and had this henna done.  I also had a soul reading and it was so good, I felt brilliant afterwards.  There were interesting workshops and I took part in one about vibrations with exercises like tai chi.  I also listened to a very interesting talk on hemp, amazing stuff.  Had a really good day out with friends.

OH made a mesh frame to protect my vegetables and seeds from all the cats next door.  I've heard about putting rock salt on the gravel to try and deter them.

Son made me a pallet planter and we now have some herb seeds growing in it.

The garden is really filling out now and this peonie is lovely.

Wild garlic poking up under the hedges.

Plenty of flowers on these strawberries and the plants are 4 years old so I was going to get rid of them.  Glad I didn't.

Reading this book for our bookclub.  Its the first in the Outlander series.

Cooking Slimming World meals and this is the quiche I took to the taster session.

Try this slimming recipe, its very yummy.

Just to show that my diet is working!

I am ordering a pen to do this on the pebbles in my garden.

I have put a few pictures up on my green wall.  They are all collected from charity shops.

Desperately sad about Manchester this week.  My heartfelt sympathy to all those families affected by this terrible act.

Terri X

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Adding Colour to the Garden

When we moved here two years ago I thought this house was so ugly on the outside.  Its lovely inside but outside was just so brown!

A splash of blue on the railings and the brightness of the orange has transformed it to make it so much more cheerful.

It is early for the plants yet but I can imagine my yellow daisies which grow 5 foot tall along the back wall will add further cheer.  The pebbles collected from the beach make a good edging for the gravel.

The tubs planted last year have been tidied up and are growing away nicely.

There is still more to do.  The bench needs painting and I plan to make a couple of pallet planters to go against the fence.

My bargain buy was the planter in the middle.  It came from the auction and is 4 ft square.  I bid the grand price of £1 and it came with a free clothes airer!  Of course getting it home was a bit tricky as it wouldn't fit into the back of my friends Landrover.  It took 3 of us to take it to pieces and squeeze it in but I knew OH would be able to put it back together again.
Its rather bare at present but I planted a cooking apple tree in the middle and a friend popped round in the week with two courgette plants.  I was also given some basil so thats in there too.  I am going to plant more seeds but first I need to get some mesh to protect it from next doors cats using it for a toilet.
Last is a pic of my little interest table.  There are fossils that the Grandchildren found and a rusty owl which came from Hampton Court years ago.  
Passers by are stopping to say how cheerful it looks now and once the plantings done it will look even better.

Terri X

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

The Green Room

I have been thinking about changing my lounge around for a while and this photo gives you just a peak of the new colour choice for my feature wall.

Before I show you more, at my last craft fair I was able to get hold of another dining chair that matches two of the others.  I got it for a bargain price of £5 so I now have two of them to transform at some point.  I spent a little while crocheting some feet so they dont scratch the painted floor as the felt pads i tried kept falling off.

The wooden chair with the gingham seat pad is Bonnie's favourite place to sleep.  

I took a while choosing the new paint colour, eventually matching it against a skirt i had on at the time. Its probably just me but I have to like its name too and this paint was called Bohemian Bliss which was just perfect for me.  So here is my ta-dah moment ......

I love its dramatic colour against my floor. This pic was taken at 6pm but as its in a south facing room, the sunshine lightens it more in the day.  I have little bird fairy lights around the cupboard door for the darker evenings.

This pic makes the wall look olive colour but its deceiving as its brighter in reality like the top pic. I've found that the darker colour brings out the colours on the tv better too.

It took OH a day to get used to it but he now says he likes it.

It should make the room cosier in the Winter now as it was too light and bright before and i felt colder.  I am one happy bunny when an idea comes into fruition, with the hard work done by OH and Son so thanks boys :-)

Terri X

Saturday, April 22, 2017

A Lovely Easter

I have had a busy few weeks and enjoyed it all but i am now paying the price for being too busy as I lay in bed again with a bad back and stomach pains but the migraine has now gone thankfully.  I can't seem to burn the candle at both ends like I used to!

These pics were of our stall at the recent craft fair

It was pretty colourful

My partner in crime posing by the stall

The craft fair wasn't as busy as previous fairs but we did ok and enjoyed ourselves.  We were able to watch the cooking demonstration by the chef at the new visitor attraction to the area.  He was very creative and made swans out of lemon peel so his finished dishes of salmon with a crispy crumb and lemon chicken looked lovely on the plate.

In the evening we were at a friend's Birthday party and the theme was to be as colourful as poss which was no problem for me as i wore my floresant pink wig but I am not posting the photo's!!

The day after the fair was the day the weather changed from having lots of sunshine to definate April showers which was a shame as the Grandkids arrived for a weeks holiday.  Luckily they had brought raincoats and wellies as we certainly needed them.

Cold, wet and windy on the beach but having fun for a while.  Son in law flew a kite but the wind was a bit too strong and the strings broke.  We did see seals swimming in the sea, I thought one of them might come onto the beach but it was probably just curious and thinking what on earth were we doing there!  I could not get a decent photo of them. We all went and had hot chocolates in a cafe to warm up afterwards.  I tell myself its days like this where memories are made.

The week went far too quickly though as we were out every day.  I also spent time at home baking far to many cakes and alongside Easter eggs, I think it was too much for my stomach to take!

Another treat was to go to the cinema and watch the new Beauty and the Beast film.  Oh it was so lovely, I felt like waltzing around the lobby when I came out!  Such a feel good movie so watch it if you can.

Terri X
PS.  My last post didn't appear on Bloglovin when published for some reason, I hope this one will show up.

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Hello Again

Its been a while since I have been in my bloggy space, no particular reason why I haven't posted but life feels like its been extra busy lately.  The photo above was taken a few weeks ago on my last trip to the beach and it was quite an overcast day.  Amazing skies though and the clouds were really this colour. 

I have been enjoying these daffodils which were a present from a friend on our Anniversary last week.  I did a casual dinner party and I cooked the mains which were pulled pork and a chicken curry served with salad, rice or new potatoes and i also made some naan bread.  I based the meals around my Slimming World diet and my friends supplied the desserts, homemade meringue eton mess and a sherry trifle.  Of course i had a bit of both desserts, would have been rude not too!

I have another craft fair coming up so my friend and I have been getting very sticky doing some decoupage.

Are you old enough to remember these characters?

I am hoping some child will enjoy sitting on this chair and beg their parent to buy it.

I experimented on this tray by gluing material instead of paper

Also did this little plant pot.  Probably a bit OTT with the flowers but I would use it.  I am still looking around the house for anything else to transform but it takes longer to do than you might think.

Other news, I got another part time job in a new shop opening sometime this month in the village.  Will be handy to have some regular hours especially in wintertime and its only a little walk down the road.  I am just hoping I don't have to start next week as the Grandchildren are coming to visit and I am so looking forward to spending time with them.

Another gift I was given this week by a very talented friend.  I just love her and call her my Halloween fairy.

Catch up with you again soon
Terri X

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Woodland Walk

I am walking a few times a week as part of my weight loss diet and today OH and I set off for a stroll around the Ferrycroft woods.  It rained all day yesterday so it was a bit wet underfoot but today the sun came through although we needed scarves, hats and gloves as the temperature had dropped overnight.

You can just see the coating of ice covering the water in one of the ponds.

The forestry have had to cut a lot of the trees down in these woods after the big storm in 2015 and there is a whole area that just looks decimated but what it has done is allow you to see the views of the lochs better and I always like to be near the water. 

There is a mound which once upon a time was a broch and this plaque tells a bit about it with the picture of what it once looked like.  You have to use your imagination as this is what's here now

but climbing up the mound, on the other side is this lovely view of Loch Shin

The water looked very blue today.

OH took this photo of me standing on a rock and behind me you can see how messy it looks when they take down the trees.  In the distance behind me is the dam. 

and I took a clearer photo of the front of it as we strolled past.  You can climb over the undergrowth and then a gate and walk onto the top of the dam but I didn't fancy doing it as I am not one for heights. 

The rest of the walk took us along the edge of the loch until we reached where we had started.  I had certainly warmed up by then and couldn't wait to take off the scarf and hat.

I felt much better after this little stroll.  The water always has a soothing effect upon me and this past week I have felt pretty stressed with one thing piling on top of another.   Tension had built up inside me but being out in the fresh air made it start to uncoil. My usual habit is to hibernate when feeling like this but perhaps my new resolve to get fitter is a better way to deal with life's ups and downs.  I am ready to start another week now.

Terri X