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Messing about on the River

We found a great place to launch our kajaks from with a little shingle beach.
Plenty of room to park vehicles too.  Thats our kajak on top of the roof rack.
Wait for us!  
Catching you up now.
Action shot!  We have just negotiated our way over some little rapids.  We got a bit stuck on some rocks but we are on our way again!
Enjoying a little chat with our friend Maggie as we paddle along.
The water was quite shallow in places and I saw salmon leaping and herons fishing.
Yoo Hoo!  Waving to Wendy and Phil as we past by an island.
Elizabeth and Maggie stopping to natter.
The end is in sight but what a lovely way to spend the evening.  Think my arms will ache a bit tomorrow though.
Terri X

Frugal Things I've Done This Week

1.  There was some whole milk gone out of date in the shop I work in so it was being thrown away.  I rescued 3 pints and made a lovely rice pudding for our dinner.  I always save a bowl to go cold and have it next day for breakfast too.       TOTAL SAVING - £1.202.  We haven't been having the hot weather like they are having in England but we have had a couple of dry days so all washing done and dried on the line and clotheshorse.  Everything washed on an eco setting and the quick wash setting for 19mins brought my rug up lovely and clean.
3.  Our internet signal has always been rubbish, most of the time we are lucky to get 2 mb but we have always had to pay for a service we don't receive.  I decided to shop around as our monthly bill seems to be creeping up and for a while now its been rumoured we were getting broadband fibre to the village, indeed the roads have been dug up numerous times. On checking BT they say we can order fibre now and are offering £65 back for taking up t…

Is it just me?

My little washing up brush sits in my cutlery drainer but shes so cute just smiling at me that I just can't bring myself to use her as a brush and ruin her hairstyle!   Does anyone else have something they brought for practical purposes but can't bring themselves to use?
Terri X

Amazing Log Cabin

If you have followed my blog since I began writing when we lived in our small croft house in the hills, you might remember that I posted about this amazing wood cabin we came upon one day.
It was just luck that it was mentioned whilst we were out with a group of friends and one piped up and said she knew the cabin and she looked after it for the owners who live in South Africa!  Well we were all stunned by this and bombarded her with questiions about the interior.
As you can see from these photo's, its in a beautiful location.   Our friend told the owners of our interest and they kindly offerred to let us all use their home to hold our bookclub get together!  How amazing is that, to let total strangers into their home whilst they were not there.
Well we had a lovely evening, its an incredible house built with these huge trees shipped all the way from Canada.  Inside you could just smell the wood, lovely.
The few interior pics didn't turn out brilliantly as there was so much light i…

Randoms from May

Loving this little drink mat.
I was sitting in the back of the Landrover amongst all these things we brought at auction!  The wood is the planter which is now put back together in my front garden from my last post along with my free clothes airer which cost me £1.
This china pot was amongst my auction buys and is dated 1927.

I went to a Wellbeing Festival and had this henna done.  I also had a soul reading and it was so good, I felt brilliant afterwards.  There were interesting workshops and I took part in one about vibrations with exercises like tai chi.  I also listened to a very interesting talk on hemp, amazing stuff.  Had a really good day out with friends.
OH made a mesh frame to protect my vegetables and seeds from all the cats next door.  I've heard about putting rock salt on the gravel to try and deter them.
Son made me a pallet planter and we now have some herb seeds growing in it.
The garden is really filling out now and this peonie is lovely.
Wild garlic poking up under the h…

Adding Colour to the Garden

When we moved here two years ago I thought this house was so ugly on the outside.  Its lovely inside but outside was just so brown!
A splash of blue on the railings and the brightness of the orange has transformed it to make it so much more cheerful.
It is early for the plants yet but I can imagine my yellow daisies which grow 5 foot tall along the back wall will add further cheer.  The pebbles collected from the beach make a good edging for the gravel.
The tubs planted last year have been tidied up and are growing away nicely.
There is still more to do.  The bench needs painting and I plan to make a couple of pallet planters to go against the fence.
My bargain buy was the planter in the middle.  It came from the auction and is 4 ft square.  I bid the grand price of £1 and it came with a free clothes airer!  Of course getting it home was a bit tricky as it wouldn't fit into the back of my friends Landrover.  It took 3 of us to take it to pieces and squeeze it in but I knew OH would be …

The Green Room

I have been thinking about changing my lounge around for a while and this photo gives you just a peak of the new colour choice for my feature wall.
Before I show you more, at my last craft fair I was able to get hold of another dining chair that matches two of the others.  I got it for a bargain price of £5 so I now have two of them to transform at some point.  I spent a little while crocheting some feet so they dont scratch the painted floor as the felt pads i tried kept falling off.
The wooden chair with the gingham seat pad is Bonnie's favourite place to sleep.  
I took a while choosing the new paint colour, eventually matching it against a skirt i had on at the time. Its probably just me but I have to like its name too and this paint was called Bohemian Bliss which was just perfect for me.  So here is my ta-dah moment ......

I love its dramatic colour against my floor. This pic was taken at 6pm but as its in a south facing room, the sunshine lightens it more in the day.  I have li…