Bee Friendly

This is my new kitchen stool which had been upcycled by a lady nearby.  It was the perfect colour for my kitchen and I love the bees stensiled on it.  Sis-in-law brought it as an early Christmas present for me.
We had one
glorious sunny day this week.  I was working in the morning but was able to sit outside on my decking in the afternoon.  I really don't feel like I have had a lot of time out here this year.
The garden has done well this year and my yellow daisies are beautiful at the moment and a haven for the bees.

I even dozed off for a while in the sun.

The hosta is dying back now and my budha is half hidden by all the growth.

The sedum is in flower, underneath somewhere is my little rosemary.

My spring onions are still growing in the pail

This was the last area done this year.  Out of the three clematis planted it looks like two might survive but I will leave the third one just in case it comes back next year.

We decorated a few pebbles and have placed them around the garden.
For next year I want another bench seat on the gravel but I am very happy with my little space out front.  I am hoping for a few more sunny days before winter comes.

Terri X


  1. You have made such a beautiful and welcoming area. Love those painted pebbles. What a great stool, a beautiful gift.


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