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Happy Birthday to Meee!!

It was my Birthday this week and I couldn't resist saving what i could of this beautiful wrapping paper that one of my gifts came in.  These were inside

Such lovely cake plates and they look lovely tied with ribbon.  I will have to issue invitations made using my stamp to come round for tea and cake I think.
It's still a bit snowy and icy this week and OH has been chopping some of the wood that came down in the winds.  He had to work on my big day so I went out for the day with my BF to an auction. 
I am an auction novice, never having bid before but I enjoyed having a good look at the lots before it started off.
I spied this little cottage teapot in this box so made a note of its number.
These two dogs were quite cute.  Another friend of mine has a pair like these on her mantelpiece so I wanted to look out for these.
A large Highland Stoneware plate which sells for quite a lot of money usually.
My BF liked this inlaid table and I liked all this furniture
I also spied a bread maker an…

Sunshine and Snow

Alex having a stroll outside on a cold but sunny day. He has spent most of his time lately, curled up on the sofa enjoying the warmth of the stove.  So have I but I wrapped up to have a little stroll down the road.  It is pretty icy underfoot and we haven't been able to get the car down the hill for a couple of days.
Look at the blue sky!  It's very changeable and can quickly become a whiteout. I like to put my footprints into areas of untrodden snow in the garden, a childish pleasure.
My friends husband picked me up in his 4x4 to take us to church today.  We still slid a bit downhill but once down, the main roads were fine. I hadn't been for three weeks so It was nice to see people and I enjoyed singing.  Instead of coffee afterwards we all had soup and a roll, a homemade veg and lentil soup which went down a treat.
I still haven't been food shopping because we are waiting to get the car fixed tomorrow.  I wonder if they will cancel the appointment though as the roads up…

Yes! We finally have Power!

After five days we finally got the power back on late last night after a bit of drama when the electric pole near our house decided to go bang and put those who had a few lights on, out again!  We heard a buzzing and then a surge went through the cottage.  When we went into the hallway we could smell burning.
 Tuesday night there was a bolt of lightening that hit the exposed pylon Scottish Power were working on, it caught fire and caused a load more blackouts.  I was on the phone at the time and I swear sparks flew out of the ear piece! I have heard of someone having all their wall sockets blown out and loads of computers ruined. 
It was great to get up and find full power this morning especially as we had had snow overnight.   Is this the lull before the next storm arrives later though as forecasted and maybe we could lose the power again.
Just in case I have done six loads of washing to catch up.  I was washing undies by hand but its amazing how it builds up especially with the two men…

After the Storm

Well it was definitely windy, said to have been 130 m/hr and it kept us awake most of Thursday night as it howled round the cottage.  I was very nervous of a tree landing on us in bed as I looked out the window at 2am and they were bending wildly so I was listening for a cracking noise all night and was tensed to roll off the bed onto the floor if it happened.  I was right to be concerned as,by the morning, the woods down the road had been devastated with loads of trees down and the road was totally blocked.
The barn next to us had its roof damaged and unfortunately both our cars had been damaged by the corrugated iron flying about, ours had a smashed window and our sons lost a headlight and broken grill. One of OH's tool sheds had also broke apart, the roof and part of the front gone, leaving the tools strewn everywhere so we all wrapped up well and ventured outside to rescue things and clear up the garden and protect the cars as best we could.
The electric and mobile signal has bee…

Noddy & Co.

Look at this pair!  They were so cute and colourful that I couldn't resist them and at 50p each they had to come home with me.  They have found their way into my craft area and sit happily on the shelf alongside my highlighter pens and crochet covered jar.
I am also liking my printers tray with the splash of colour from the cottons. Spot the teenie tiny teddy that was attached to a card and had to be rescued.
I was so busy on the run up to Christmas finishing presents that I forgot to take pictures of all that I made before i wrapped them up but apart from making bags and brooches i also made some glasses cases. This is a good project for using scraps of material.
This one was for OH and I am pleased to say that he uses it all the time. I plan to make a few more of these.  I also completed the knitted slippers and they did felt in the washing machine.
My friend really liked them. I finished a couple of knitted flannels too.  The only other thing I have done was to make this Cath Kidst…