After the Storm

Well it was definitely windy, said to have been 130 m/hr and it kept us awake most of Thursday night as it howled round the cottage.  I was very nervous of a tree landing on us in bed as I looked out the window at 2am and they were bending wildly so I was listening for a cracking noise all night and was tensed to roll off the bed onto the floor if it happened.  I was right to be concerned as,by the morning, the woods down the road had been devastated with loads of trees down and the road was totally blocked.

The barn next to us had its roof damaged and unfortunately both our cars had been damaged by the corrugated iron flying about, ours had a smashed window and our sons lost a headlight and broken grill.
One of OH's tool sheds had also broke apart, the roof and part of the front gone, leaving the tools strewn everywhere so we all wrapped up well and ventured outside to rescue things and clear up the garden and protect the cars as best we could.

The electric and mobile signal has been off since Thursday night and is still off as I am writing this at 7.30 Saturday night.  There must be so many others cut off like us but a few minutes ago we got the Internet back so I am able to write this.

It's been fun in some ways though, the camaraderie of the neighbours, taking their chainsaws down to try and cut the trees.  Lots of wood to be had for free for everyone over the coming days.  I have been cooking on the stove which luckily I persuaded OH to put back in a few weeks ago when it was freezing cold and we have a camping stove so I have made good warming meals for us.  First it was bubble and squeak, sausages, eggs and beans then today I cooked chilli and rice and also a turkey broth for tomorrow.
I have loads of candles and its dark by 3pm so I light them and we have been playing board games, reading and just chatting in the evenings.  OH is now getting a bit bored but I have been quite content.

It's still pretty windy outside now and we have had blizzards on and off all day with the odd thunder and lightening thrown in. It must be such a difficult job to try to get everyone connected again, I don't envy them.  A helicopter was flying over the hillsides checking the breakages in the lines yesterday, a tree had fallen on the line near us.  

We were lucky to be able to borrow an old type phone to plug in, you know the ones where you have to put your finger in the dial and turn it round.  The phone line works although lots of crackling and hissing on the line but its been great to reassure family that we are okay and check on some friends to see how they are doing.  I phoned the car insurance people re: the damage and they wanted to take my excess payment over the phone but their systems couldn't register the old dial pad phone so i have agreed to pay cash on the day they repair. I also tried to contact the electric company but again their automated service couldn't pick up what department I wanted so I gave up.  Neighbours have told us that it should hopefully be back on by midnight.  I do hope so or I will have to empty the freezer contents soon and cook up what I can to save it all.

Terri X


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