Noddy & Co.

Look at this pair!  They were so cute and colourful that I couldn't resist them and at 50p each they had to come home with me.  They have found their way into my craft area and sit happily on the shelf alongside my highlighter pens and crochet covered jar.

I am also liking my printers tray with the splash of colour from the cottons. Spot the teenie tiny teddy that was attached to a card and had to be rescued.

I was so busy on the run up to Christmas finishing presents that I forgot to take pictures of all that I made before i wrapped them up but apart from making bags and brooches i also made some glasses cases. This is a good project for using scraps of material.

This one was for OH and I am pleased to say that he uses it all the time. I plan to make a few more of these.  I also completed the knitted slippers and they did felt in the washing machine.

My friend really liked them. I finished a couple of knitted flannels too.  The only other thing I have done was to make this Cath Kidston tea towel which was a present

Into a cushion cover to go on my pew as it is much too nice to use as a towel
It sits nice with the little owl that was made for me by another talented sewer.
I must get on with a few more projects and I am taking some inspiration from this book

Terri X


  1. What a lovely blog Terri. particularly like the cushion you made. Woo xx


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