Sunshine and Snow

Alex having a stroll outside on a cold but sunny day. He has spent most of his time lately, curled up on the sofa enjoying the warmth of the stove.  So have I but I wrapped up to have a little stroll down the road.  It is pretty icy underfoot and we haven't been able to get the car down the hill for a couple of days.

Look at the blue sky!  It's very changeable and can quickly become a whiteout. I like to put my footprints into areas of untrodden snow in the garden, a childish pleasure.

My friends husband picked me up in his 4x4 to take us to church today.  We still slid a bit downhill but once down, the main roads were fine. I hadn't been for three weeks so It was nice to see people and I enjoyed singing.  Instead of coffee afterwards we all had soup and a roll, a homemade veg and lentil soup which went down a treat.

I still haven't been food shopping because we are waiting to get the car fixed tomorrow.  I wonder if they will cancel the appointment though as the roads up from Inverness could be too slippy if the temperature drops as low as -10 as they are saying on the news.  I am working Monday but my friend has said she might be able to take me shopping on Tuesday.  I have been grateful that we had a store cupboard as it has got us through the last few weeks ok.  Today we have shepherds pie which will do tomorrow as well and I managed to eek out enough carrots to make son a veg pie too.
Life seems quiet, nothing wrong with that but not much of interest to blog about. Next week it is my Birthday and the "Screen Machine" cinema lorry is coming to the village.  It is showing the new Paddington film and then the last part of The Hobbit.  I am looking forward to a night out on my big day, OH doesn't like going to the pictures but I love it so Son and my friend are coming with me.  I will get there whatever the weather and I must remember to buy the chocolate raisins ready, as that has always been part of the treat, quieter than eating popcorn!

Terri X


  1. Such lovely Photographs terri. Enjoy your Birthday....Woo xx


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