Happy Birthday to Meee!!

It was my Birthday this week and I couldn't resist saving what i could of this beautiful wrapping paper that one of my gifts came in.  These were inside

Such lovely cake plates and they look lovely tied with ribbon.  I will have to issue invitations made using my stamp to come round for tea and cake I think.

It's still a bit snowy and icy this week and OH has been chopping some of the wood that came down in the winds.  He had to work on my big day so I went out for the day with my BF to an auction. 

I am an auction novice, never having bid before but I enjoyed having a good look at the lots before it started off.

I spied this little cottage teapot in this box so made a note of its number.

These two dogs were quite cute.  Another friend of mine has a pair like these on her mantelpiece so I wanted to look out for these.

A large Highland Stoneware plate which sells for quite a lot of money usually.

My BF liked this inlaid table and I liked all this furniture

I also spied a bread maker and some tweed material.  I watched the proceedings for a while, amazed how fast the lots sold and enjoyed people watching.  I set my own bid prices in mind and promised myself that I would not go above my limits and I didn't win anything!  I was amazed by how much some items achieved though.  My cottage teapot box went for £40, the little dogs were a bargain for someone at £8, the stoneware went for £45 and the bread maker £10 with the tweed material at £20.  You have to pay a 10 per cent buyers fee and VAT on top of these prices.  I wasn't disappointed though and really enjoyed the experience and would like to go again sometime.

The cinema lorry was in the village in the evening and the last part of The Hobbit was a great film to watch.  It was the first time OH and son had been inside the screen machine.  When we came outside it had been snowing again so I was glad we made it home as the roads were quite slippery.

Today OH took me to lunch in the village as I didn't want to go far because of the weather.  I had a haggis and cheese panini with homemade chutney and chips.  It was lovely but so filling!

OH had the beer battered fish and chips.

There were four bits of fish on his plate!  No way could we eat pudding afterwards!  Now its back home to sit and cuddle on the sofa in front of the stove and watch the first part of The Lord of the Rings movie again.

Terri X


  1. Looks like you had a wonderful Birthday Terri. I think the Auction looks really interesting, like you I am an Auction novice. Have a lovely week. Woo xx


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