Yes! We finally have Power!

After five days we finally got the power back on late last night after a bit of drama when the electric pole near our house decided to go bang and put those who had a few lights on, out again!  We heard a buzzing and then a surge went through the cottage.  When we went into the hallway we could smell burning.

 Tuesday night there was a bolt of lightening that hit the exposed pylon Scottish Power were working on, it caught fire and caused a load more blackouts.  I was on the phone at the time and I swear sparks flew out of the ear piece! I have heard of someone having all their wall sockets blown out and loads of computers ruined. 

It was great to get up and find full power this morning especially as we had had snow overnight.   Is this the lull before the next storm arrives later though as forecasted and maybe we could lose the power again.

Just in case I have done six loads of washing to catch up.  I was washing undies by hand but its amazing how it builds up especially with the two men in the house.  I have hoovered and polished all through too.  All our phones are now charged up again and the signal is back too.

I am still utilising the stove and heating water on it and it is now cooking a chilli and a stew.  I cleaned out the freezer and cooked up what I could but I have had to throw out quite a bit.  This was quite hard for me as I hate food waste but you have to be careful when its all defrosted.

Terri X


  1. Well done Terri, you sound like you've been working very hard. Woo xx


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