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Quick & Easy Dinner Needed

Its been a particularly hard couple of days at work and I needed a speedy recipe for dinner, preferably one that could do two days.  I turned yet again to one of my favourite cookery books
I made her haggis style meatballs recipe for the first time.  The quantity made 13 balls altogether and they were a good size.
These six were today's dinner.  Yesterday they were fried till crispy in Frylight and served with new potatoes, cabbage, Brussel sprouts (for me) and carrots with passata.  Today they were served with gravy and mashed potatoes, cabbage, broccoli and more Brussels for me and little Yorkshire puddings for OH.  Yum!
I would definitely make these again, not that I think they particularly taste anything like haggis but they were tasty none the less.  Quick, simple and economic homemade food.
Terri X

Scotland Open Garden Scheme

Sunday was cloudy but the sun tried to break through and when it succeeded, coats were taken off as it felt lovely and warm.  After church we decided to take a trip out with our friends to visit an open garden.We headed north up the A9 towards John O Groats .  This is such a scenic route hugging the coastline.  Approx 40 miles from the top of the country, we came to the entrance of the hunting estate.  I didn't know quite what to expect as we drove up a one track road through woods towards the parking area.  It was £4 each entrance fee but it goes to charity and I noticed they had chosen the RNLI.  
The white house on the hill in this pic was where we were.  We didn't see this main house whilst there as the gardens were next to another house on the estate.
Hidden behind these huge walls was a lovely garden
My cats would love all this cat mint!

Our friends and their dog.  Just look at the lovely honeysuckle.

I have no idea what this plant is but it has such beautiful leaves.

This is …

Our new Abode

Hello again, its been a while hasn't it but I'm happy to be back blogging again :-)

This is our new home, not very attractive on the outside, indeed very bleak looking  especially after living in the chocolate box cottage but on the inside it has everything we needed and lacked in the cottage.  A planned makeover for this front garden will be happening very soon. In the meantime it's just a case of keeping it tidy.  We are a corner plot so have a lot of garden
A view at the side and again at the rear

Plus ample parking for the whole family! There is a little cul-de-sac of houses at the back but at the front I have a view of the woods which is lovely.
and if I look across the road I can still see the mountains over the West.
Too cloudy when this pic was taken to see them clearly and I have no idea what the UFO is in the top of this photo!  We also have the novelty of having street lighting again. will take getting use to as we are so use to complete darkness in the winter.

There are…