Our new Abode

Hello again, its been a while hasn't it but I'm happy to be back blogging again :-)

This is our new home, not very attractive on the outside, indeed very bleak looking  especially after living in the chocolate box cottage but on the inside it has everything we needed and lacked in the cottage. 
A planned makeover for this front garden will be happening very soon.
In the meantime it's just a case of keeping it tidy.  We are a corner plot so have a lot of garden

A view at the side and again at the rear

Plus ample parking for the whole family!
There is a little cul-de-sac of houses at the back but at the front I have a view of the woods which is lovely.

and if I look across the road I can still see the mountains over the West.

Too cloudy when this pic was taken to see them clearly and I have no idea what the UFO is in the top of this photo!  We also have the novelty of having street lighting again. will take getting use to as we are so use to complete darkness in the winter.

There are a lot of steps up to the front and back door because the whole underneath of the house has access from the garden and is storage!  As you can imagine, OH is in his element as he has all his tools and light and power in there! 

The house was in a bit of a state decoration wise.  The lounge was deep burgundy and mushroom walls and ceiling with huge flower stickers either side of the window!  It is now much lighter! 

The room has very high ceilings and the council have last week put us a brand new heating system in.  This has a multi fuel stove with a back boiler and I have radiators!  What a luxury!

My dining table is also in the lounge now with my pink shelves above.  We have not brought anything for this room apart from paint but we are living with bare boards on the floor.  There is some insulation underneath but we will have to see if we could live with painting the boards or have to carpet it.

I crocheted a new stripey throw for the back of the sofa

and a friend gave us a chair which we painted to give it a new lease of life.

The kitchen is a nice size and the units are new

The cafe nets at the window were given to me and luckily for me there was an old fridge and washing machine left in the house. These were the two main appliances we needed so they may be old and a bit damaged but they work.

This end of the kitchen houses the chest freezer with a Molly maid above.  What a bonus that has been to dry the washing on overnight, hardly used the tumble dryer.  Again no money spent on this room.

The hallway is a mint green and we have started a display of some of OH's photos going up the stairs.  The carpet is inherited so I used two Cath Kidston type rugs that i already had to cover the main area. 
The worst room that has cost us money to sort out is the bathroom which is also downstairs.  This was covered in a badly put up black and white wallpaper and there was only a bath which was also painted to match wallpaper. We needed a shower so OH had to build a false wall and we white tiled the area to enable us to have a shower gravity fed, off the taps.

A vintage styled shower curtain from Next matches the lavender coloured walls and we painted some of my previous pink kitchen shelves purple to store bits and pieces.

We have spray painted wicker baskets, used more net over a plain white roller blind and used an old mirror to give the bathroom a more vintage feel.  

It's also nice to have a window in the bathroom

Just a piece of wall to finish and new vinyl floor tiles to lay, then its finished.  I have done three car boot sales in the last few months and that has greatly helped cover the costs of re-doing this room.

Well that covers the downstairs, I think I will show the upstairs another time. :-)

Good to be back

Terri X


  1. Welcome back. Thank you for the little tour of your new home. It is fun to see how others live. I do like the chest of drawers next to your fire - did you cover the fronts yourself?

  2. So glad that you are all settled in and that it is all going so well! xx


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