Quick & Easy Dinner Needed

Its been a particularly hard couple of days at work and I needed a speedy recipe for dinner, preferably one that could do two days.  I turned yet again to one of my favourite cookery books

I made her haggis style meatballs recipe for the first time.  The quantity made 13 balls altogether and they were a good size.

These six were today's dinner.  Yesterday they were fried till crispy in Frylight and served with new potatoes, cabbage, Brussel sprouts (for me) and carrots with passata.  Today they were served with gravy and mashed potatoes, cabbage, broccoli and more Brussels for me and little Yorkshire puddings for OH.  Yum!

I would definitely make these again, not that I think they particularly taste anything like haggis but they were tasty none the less.  Quick, simple and economic homemade food.

Terri X


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