Saturday, December 24, 2016

Merry Christmas Everyone!

I am sitting here nice and cosy whilst Storm Barbara blows outside

I hope everyone has a lovely Christmas and thank you for following my blog over the last year :-)

Terri X

Saturday, December 3, 2016

Come Buy Our Angels

Golden Designer Angel with her Dior ribbon was the first sale within a few minutes of the craft fair opening today.  Glitzy Angel behind her followed quickly after.
 Button Angel and Glam Angel winged their way to new homes but Feather Angel came home with me.  She will spend Christmas looking lovely in my lounge.

We named them all, big and small ones and along with our Christmas trees made from old books, they made good sales for us.  
I sold about half of the crochet baubles I had made too.
Other good sellers today were the glasses cases in the basket on the right, a couple of them were brought as mobile phone cases but hey, they're flexible!  
A couple of knitted hearts sold too.  We were given free tea and coffee and i brought a mug of tasty sweet potato and
carrot soup with a delicious cheese scone for my lunch.  My friend's husband made the scones early this morning and considering we were out late last night at the local pub he did really well getting up early to do them!
So its been a successful day and the last craft fair I am doing this year which means that I can now relax and finally get round to making a few things for myself.  I did spend most of my earnings today though on a beautiful handmade hat.
Its a thick grey tweed and will definately keep my head warm,  made by a lady who did the machining and her daughter who does the hand sewing.  I'm not really a hat kinda girl but how could I resist when it has such a lovely peacock feather to match my hair!

Terri X

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

A Cold

I've been laid up with a bad cold since last Friday, not just a few sniffles but an absolute stinker that has knocked me for six!
I am not usually a person to stay in bed but I am back there again today after a rough night with hardly any sleep.  I overdid it yesterday and knocked myself back, OH was out working so I was up cleaning and cooking.  At least I made dinners to last a couple of days, not that I can taste much at the mo.

Alex and Bonnie have cuddled on the bed with me keeping me company.  Every now and then Bonnie raises her head and miaows at me like shes checking if I am ok, bless her. 

I have been doing something whilst laid up though
Crocheting baubles for my next craft fair which is on at the weekend.  I need to shake the worst of this cold off before then, got too much I want to do so I am going to keep dosing with cold relief tablets, drinking honey and lemon and relax a while. 

Terri X

Sunday, November 20, 2016

My Late November Roundup

I am a little late with a roundup of November but there wasn't a lot to report on my month really.  I spent a couple of weeks waiting on edge for medical results and after receiving good news, I promply went down with a bad cold virus from which I am still recovering. The weather took a turn heading quite wintery with temperatures dropping low, leaving cold frosty mornings.

I was given a bag of bits and pieces for crafting use and inside was a large piece of material which was just perfect for me to make a front door curtain.  What a difference it has made to the hallway
The first Christmas craft fair took place in the village.

and the reindeer came too. Some great photos of them were taken and these two below were favourites of mine but not captured by me personally.

A little bit of shopping took place to cheer me up (my excuse!)
I brought this lovely cushion which looks like painted material and has a lovely grey suede backing.  It was a bargain at £8 from Matalans.
and homemade soups were once again on the stove, so comforting on colder days and frugal to make.

Now I am writing lists for December in my new notebook with its little message to me on the front cover as I spent too much time this past month feeling negative. 

Terri X

November Catchup

Hello again, I have been absent for a few weeks because I had a medical worry to deal with and I went into hibernation for a while although I kept myself busy to try and take my mind off it.

The reindeers were in the village yesterday, a friend of mine took the above photo as I was indoors manning our stall at the craft fair.  We have had such cold frosty weather that it lent to the atmosphere and getting home about 4.30pm was like skating on an ice rink!

I shared the table with my friend who knits lots of toys

She sold all her little teddies except one.

Both together our table looked very full and colourful.

I've been making my Holly and Ivy cushions again and enjoyed crocheting some Christmas baubles.

Theres me hiding behind the stall knitting away.

I did an experiment and made an angel from an old book 

I will tweek it a bit but will make a few more for the next craft fair in two weeks time as last year our book Christmas trees sold really well.
Leaving you today with this amazing photo OH took this morning of the sunlight through the trees :-)

Terri X

Sunday, October 30, 2016

I Like a Sparkler

Not of the boozy or jewelry kind, although I could become partial to either but of the fireworks kind :-)  OH took this photo of me waving one about.  Doing that reminds me of my childhood.

We had a family get together this weekend, an early bonfire night celebration.  My nephew had brought lots of fireworks and he spent days setting them up to create a good display in their garden.  They luckily are surrounded by fields with only one close neighbour who was aware beforehand that there would be fireworks. I am not a huge fan of the noisy bangers but love the colours of the fireworks against the night sky.  I didn't take many photos just got this one below
Although the weather was a bit damp the fire blazed and I could feel the warmth from it and my feet were cosy enough in socks and my fur lined boots.

This is OH by the fire.
My nephew had cleverly thought to put up a tent with chairs and table inside and we had jacket potatoes with barbecued meat.  I made the coleslaw as my contribution.
Ghostly photo of us standing about in the dark.  No light polution from street lights here, we need torches to light the way.
Oddly this year I've had a Halloween party before Halloween and now a bonfire party before Nov 5th, lets hope Christmas doesn't come early too!

Terri X

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Time to have a Change Round

When the seasons change I often feel like changing the furniture round to make the room more cosy.

We tested the fire out a couple of evenings ago to check all was well before winter really sets in.  As I was sitting looking at the fire I kept thinking about a dressing table top that I have stored in the cupboard since we moved in.  Would it fit over the mantle if I could dig it out.
It did and I really like it.  That led to moving around all my bits and pieces to make a display.

I like these little observer books and one of my knitted cottages looks cute on top.

The D was made by me as a present tag last Christmas for OH.  The money tree is in a pot made by Tain pottery and the oil burner was from Cromarty pottery.
My old glass bottles are always on my mantle along with a T for me gift tag and my Mr Fox which was a present from my daughter.  
I've tried not to cram too many bits on it but one thing leads to another so I had to have a little shift round of bits on my shelving.

I'm happy with them for now.

This little table in the corner now has a red heart theme going on.

Sofa has moved although I haven't changed to my wintery throws just yet.

Armchair back in front of the window with my pink Lack table from Ikea in front.
My Tain pottery bowl looks nice on top.

You can't tell through the window but its really windy outside and its howling down the chimney and rattling the letterbox.

Bonnie isn't bothered though, shes nice and cosy curled up on my armchair. I will change the flamingo cushion nearer Christmas too.
The dining table is now on the other side of the room
Even the fruit bowl has an autumn colour feel.  I just want to show this lovely photo that OH took of a local waterfall and framed.
Not very clear as my reflection is in the glass so I will lay it down and see if it comes out clearer.
He does take some lovely photos.

Terri X