November Catchup

Hello again, I have been absent for a few weeks because I had a medical worry to deal with and I went into hibernation for a while although I kept myself busy to try and take my mind off it.

The reindeers were in the village yesterday, a friend of mine took the above photo as I was indoors manning our stall at the craft fair.  We have had such cold frosty weather that it lent to the atmosphere and getting home about 4.30pm was like skating on an ice rink!

I shared the table with my friend who knits lots of toys

She sold all her little teddies except one.

Both together our table looked very full and colourful.

I've been making my Holly and Ivy cushions again and enjoyed crocheting some Christmas baubles.

Theres me hiding behind the stall knitting away.

I did an experiment and made an angel from an old book 

I will tweek it a bit but will make a few more for the next craft fair in two weeks time as last year our book Christmas trees sold really well.
Leaving you today with this amazing photo OH took this morning of the sunlight through the trees :-)

Terri X


  1. Lovely photo! Do you have snow yet? Best Wishes xx

    1. There is snow on the mountains around us but we are too cold for snow -8 degrees again today. The frost has built up over a few days and it does look like a winter wonderland x

  2. Loved seeing the reindeer, and a real delight to see your craft stall. The book angel was a stunning creation. Hope you have a successful Christmas fair. Take care.

    1. Thank you. I always worry that we will not have enough stuff to sell but the stall was pretty full up!

  3. Wonderful Blog Terri, the stall looks just lovely xx

  4. Gorgeous stall! And those reindeers are so cute! Loving the Angel decor, hope everything's well with you all xx

    1. They are beautiful creatures and we are lucky to have them so close by x


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