My Late November Roundup

I am a little late with a roundup of November but there wasn't a lot to report on my month really.  I spent a couple of weeks waiting on edge for medical results and after receiving good news, I promply went down with a bad cold virus from which I am still recovering. The weather took a turn heading quite wintery with temperatures dropping low, leaving cold frosty mornings.

I was given a bag of bits and pieces for crafting use and inside was a large piece of material which was just perfect for me to make a front door curtain.  What a difference it has made to the hallway
The first Christmas craft fair took place in the village.

and the reindeer came too. Some great photos of them were taken and these two below were favourites of mine but not captured by me personally.

A little bit of shopping took place to cheer me up (my excuse!)
I brought this lovely cushion which looks like painted material and has a lovely grey suede backing.  It was a bargain at £8 from Matalans.
and homemade soups were once again on the stove, so comforting on colder days and frugal to make.

Now I am writing lists for December in my new notebook with its little message to me on the front cover as I spent too much time this past month feeling negative. 

Terri X


  1. One of my favourites at this time of year is soup, so warming and full of nourishment. Loved the cushion, certainly a bargain. Hope you feel better soon.

  2. Lovely Blog Terri, the soup looks wonderful, and so comforting. Woo xx


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