Time to have a Change Round

When the seasons change I often feel like changing the furniture round to make the room more cosy.

We tested the fire out a couple of evenings ago to check all was well before winter really sets in.  As I was sitting looking at the fire I kept thinking about a dressing table top that I have stored in the cupboard since we moved in.  Would it fit over the mantle if I could dig it out.
It did and I really like it.  That led to moving around all my bits and pieces to make a display.

I like these little observer books and one of my knitted cottages looks cute on top.

The D was made by me as a present tag last Christmas for OH.  The money tree is in a pot made by Tain pottery and the oil burner was from Cromarty pottery.
My old glass bottles are always on my mantle along with a T for me gift tag and my Mr Fox which was a present from my daughter.  
I've tried not to cram too many bits on it but one thing leads to another so I had to have a little shift round of bits on my shelving.

I'm happy with them for now.

This little table in the corner now has a red heart theme going on.

Sofa has moved although I haven't changed to my wintery throws just yet.

Armchair back in front of the window with my pink Lack table from Ikea in front.
My Tain pottery bowl looks nice on top.

You can't tell through the window but its really windy outside and its howling down the chimney and rattling the letterbox.

Bonnie isn't bothered though, shes nice and cosy curled up on my armchair. I will change the flamingo cushion nearer Christmas too.
The dining table is now on the other side of the room
Even the fruit bowl has an autumn colour feel.  I just want to show this lovely photo that OH took of a local waterfall and framed.
Not very clear as my reflection is in the glass so I will lay it down and see if it comes out clearer.
He does take some lovely photos.

Terri X


  1. You are blessed with a beautiful home. I love the dresser top on the mantle, a great focus point with some stunning pieces. I love your tags, were they made from sheet music?

    1. I made the tags out of card covered with pages from an old novel but sheet music looks good too as I did a few for music loving friends.

  2. The house looks lovely Terri, so comforting and enticing. You are very clever with all your colours. Woo xx


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