A Lovely Sunday to Go Kajaking

What a lovely day I have had today.  

The sun pierced through the mist quite early on and I had arranged to go to a different church this morning in a nearby village as they were doing a Harvest Festival service.  I haven't been to one of these since I was a child and I remember there was always a loaf of bread shaped like a sheaf of wheat.  

This time we took along tins and packets of food to donate to a local food bank,  a good idea I thought.  I so enjoyed singing the traditional hymns like "we plough the fields and scatter" and  " all things bright and beautiful".  The vicar made a point of coming up to me afterwards to say he loved my hair!  He actually said that i was like a bright beacon of light in a sea of miserable faces!!  

After racing home to change, OH and I arranged to meet a group of friends and go out on the river to try kayaking for the first time.

Me about to get in the boat.

I was in the front of a two man kayak.  My friend is very experienced so I felt safe with him instructing me.

It was such great weather to be out on the water.

OH enjoyed it too although he wasn't as relaxed about it as I was but we have decided that we would like to get our own two man kajak for next summer.

My day didn't finish there as we were invited back to our friends house to go in their hot tub.  My thighs were aching so I thought it would do me good to loosen me up and I had felt great when I'd been in once before.

Ooh it was lovely and the water was 39 degrees.

I eventually got out and we drove home.  After making a stir fry for dinner I am now waiting for Poldark to start.
What a brilliant day I have had, who would believe we could have such a great day in October in the Highlands of Scotland :-)

Terri X


  1. What a wonderful blog Terri, you must have had a fantastic day..yea xx

  2. How wonderful to be sitting in a hot tub, sounds like a great day. Great that the donations of food are going to a food bank. I like the idea of it going to where there is a real need.

  3. Love a hot tub in a place that's a bit chilly. xx

  4. Love a hot tub in a place that's a bit chilly. xx

  5. Looks like you had a brilliant day. Can I just say how much I love your hair colour!!


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